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Books and MP3s by Linda Deir

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  • GUIDED, by Linda Deir: Hand-signed hardcover edition by the author, Linda Deir. Includes matching bookmark, and free shipping inside the United States. These products make the perfect gift for the seeker of clear thinking and greater understandings.
  • My Guided Journey (download) is the companion “journal” to GUIDED, by Linda Deir This journal was created as result of the thousands of fans of GUIDED, by Linda Deir wanting to make the connection with their own Spirit Guides and Angels.
  • My Journal Writing (download) is your roadmap to consciousness.
  • My Guided Journey associated 19-MP3 audio tracks. Linda tells your story as it triggers your early life. You will be inspired by the clarity you gain from discovering “the real you,” not “the you” who has become filled with anxiety and doubt.

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