Linda's Weekly Guided Insights

Linda's Weekly Guided Insights

What GUIDED Teaches

“Linda, and her Spirit Guide Angels” navigate you through the uncertain world you are now living in.

“Things are not getting worse, they are coming to light, it’s just the beginning.” ~ Linda Deir

~ Since 2014 ~

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Published on Tuesdays

Includes LindaLive! Tuesdays 6:00 pm PT on Facebook and YouTube. Using Linda’s “Guided Journal Writing System,” she helps you identify what each insight holds for you!

Viv Folan

Thank you for these insights, Linda and Ray. Everything your Guides say is always so clear. It makes such perfect sense and your weekly postings really keep me motivated and thinking positively. What you are doing really does help people to lift themselves up.” ~ Viv Folan


Hello Linda, Fantastic insights, very helpful Thanks for the information to keep me going.” ~ Lindsay


THANK You, Linda and Ray. I love these emails – they are so spot-on. I am glad to see more videos on You Tube!! Keep it up! Linda your caring and sincerity really comes through and Ray’s support!” ~ Best to you,Tom

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“Your insights are the highlight of my week! Rather than being nervous about things, I get clarity each week from you and your Guides. Thank you for these solutions and superior ways of thinking.” ~ Michael and Andrea Bassett

A lifeline to keep you on your path, not just get you there.

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