Coach Cafe – Estra Roell & Kathleen Martin show 2014/11/21 | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

Coach Cafe by Estra Roell & Kathleen Martin show 2014/11/21

Show aired 11/21/14

Linda Deir, author of “Guided” Joins Us in the Coach Café

Linda Deir interview - Coach Cafe - Estra Roell & Kathleen Martin show 2014/11/21This week on Coach Café is your self-empowerment place to meet, Linda Deir will be speaking with us about her new book, GUIDED.  This is Linda’s true story that follows her life from survival as an abused child through her escape as a teenager and into her phenomenal success as a businesswoman in a man’s world by age 19 and beyond. Using her life as a template, GUIDED is a roadmap for stepping on board at any point along your life path to join forces with your own Spirit Guides to create a better life than you could have on your own. Sprinkled throughout the book are 137 universally applicable Tips, Learnings, Lessons, and Awarenesses that Linda shares directly from her life-long relationship with her Spirit Guides.

You will learn who these Spirit Guides are, that they are always with you, how to detect their guidance and utilize it in all aspects of your life…relationships, career, financial success, your life purpose, and spiritual growth.

Are you ready to get to know them?

In addition to writing, she’s a speaker, transition coach, trainer, and serial interpreter teaching individuals how to connect with their own Spirit Guides. A dynamic presenter in person, Linda brings spontaneous insights from this higher source that reawakens the soul’s urge to express itself.

Join us to be inspired!

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GUIDED, by Linda Deir