Coach Debby interview with Linda Deir

Hi, I’m Coach Debby … this was my second interview with Linda Deir – four years later. In this interview, Linda will be talking about “Writing Your Trauma.”

Show aired 5/30/19

Linda Deir interview - On the Couch with Dr. Michelle Cohen - LA Talk Radio interview with Linda Deir

Linda is certainly an expert on this topic. Her award-winning best-selling autobiography, GUIDED, is a testament to that. Linda started writing her trauma while she was still in it, starting at the age of seven. She explains, “it was the only way I could make sense of a senseless childhood.”

Little did she know at that time that writing her trauma would lead to understanding herself while making a solid connection to her Spirit Guides and Angels. This is how the childhood trauma served her rather than defeat her … all because she started journal writing. Her journal writing led to conversations she was having with her best friends … her only friends, her Spirit Guides and Angels

After the success of her first book, GUIDED, she wrote four more books. As a result of a lifetime of journal writing her fourth book, My Guided Journey, the companion journal to GUIDED was published. This came about from the avalanche of readers and listeners of GUIDED who wanted to learn what Guided teaches. They contacted Linda to help them make the connection to their own Spirit Guides and Angels.

Linda has a deep understanding of the journal writing process and how everyone could benefit from it. She calls your journal your best friend, where no one judges you and where you will start to feel the connection to your Guides.

“Writing can be therapeutic, but the process can also leave the writer drained and feeling lost.

Still, powerful healing and helpful messages can come from such an experience.” ~ Coach Debby, Debby Handrich, MA

Want to talk with your Spirit Guides like I do?” ~ Linda Deir

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GUIDED, by Linda Deir