GUIDED, Chapter 7: A Tsunami of Change

A big shift was taking place.

We were moving into the new house my dad had built, so my mom and dad were busy and tired. Additionally, something had shifted in me since I made it through that critical moment in my childhood. The prophecy my Guides warned me about throughout my childhood had finally played out, “Life will get better for you as you get older if you can make it through childhood.”

It was 1966, and I sensed freedom for me was nearing closer. I felt it coming on the horizon.

The civil rights movement was underway. This move to our new house would get me out of the old neighborhood just before it exploded into riots. The new school was full of kids experimenting with drugs. They were searching for that spiritual high. As you can most likely guess, I didn’t need that experience since I had that spiritual connection with my Spirit Guides and Angels all of my life. I wasn’t starving for what those kids felt was missing for them.

My life was finally making some sense, it was coming together in strange ways.

I felt like an observer as I watched those school kids get lost. At home, I did all the cooking and cleaning. Little did I know I was learning some basic skills in order to move on and out. My mom, however, didn’t see it that way. She felt like the entitled queen, with me as her Cinderella servant. She thought it was her time to enjoy life when I knew it was time to save mine.

“Life will get better for you as you get older if you can make it through childhood.”

My childhood was just about over, and I was eager to put it behind me and never look back. Of course, I was careful to keep this to myself, but I could feel that imagined freedom coming even closer now. This had a life of its own. Just like my entire life, I could feel the guidance moving me along. This time the event that was about to take place would release me from this life of torment forever. It took everything I had inside of me not to show just how relieved I was, knowing this repressive childhood was just about over. ~ Linda Deir

Guided is my true life story of how I mastered living in two worlds at the same time

Guided by Linda Deir