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How to Take Your Real Self On

Healings with Linda

Taking your real self on is a journey into self-discovery and authentic living.

It is a profound and transformative endeavor in becoming who you really are.

In this blog post, we will explore the steps you can take to embrace your true self and live a more fulfilling life.


Step 1 – Self-Awareness

To take your real self on, you must begin with self-awareness. Take an honest assessment of your beliefs, values, and aspirations. Understand what your core values are and what your purpose is in life. This self-awareness will awaken you to the real you and equip you to take your authentic self on.

Step 2 – Recognizing Unconscious Patterns

As you embark on the journey of embracing your real self, you will realize that you can no longer lie to yourself unconsciously anymore. Your real self will bring this to your attention whenever you go unconscious and fall back into old patterns from the 3D world. It is important to be aware of these moments and recognize when you are compromising your true self.

Step 3 – Embracing Transformation

To keep the transformation going, you will experience many moments of awareness flooding through you. This is the real you coming into being. During this process, you may find that certain people, situations, and things in your life are no longer a fit. It is crucial to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace the changes that align with your authentic self.

Step 4 – Documenting Your Awakenings

Throughout your journey, it is essential to document and date your awakenings. By journaling your experiences, you allow yourself to reflect and gain a deeper understanding of your growth. Reviewing your journal entries at a later time will help you see the whole picture and appreciate how far you’ve come in your journey to becoming your real self.

Step 5 – Nurturing Your Real Self

Be patient with yourself as you nurture your real self back into existence. Embracing vulnerability is key to this process. Break down the walls you have built to hide behind and allow the real you to come to the surface. Let go of what no longer serves you and create space for the real you to live authentically.

Step 6 – You are intelligent energy wanting to express itself

Embrace the fact that you are already enlightened, and you are light and love. Do not chase additional consciousness outside of who you really are. Instead, give your light and love away, and it will multiply. Remember that you are never alone on this journey; consult with your Spirit Guides and Angels for guidance and support.

Start your Self-Examination

Taking your real self on is a transformative journey that requires self-awareness, recognition of unconscious patterns, embracing transformation, documenting awakenings, and nurturing your authentic self. By following these steps, you will be on your way to living a life that aligns with your true nature. Embrace your light, express your love, and remember that you are always being guided. ~ Linda Deir

Healings with Linda

Healings with Linda


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