Life Mastery Radio, Todd Alan and Jackie Bailey interview with Linda Deir-4-30-19 | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

The most common question the readers and listeners of GUIDED is, “Linda, how can I make the connection to my Spirit Guides and Angels?” My Guided Journey is Linda’s answer to those requests. 

This is the second interview we did with Linda, this first one was in February of 2015, just three months after her first book and autobiography, GUIDED was published. Since then she has written four more books. Today, we are going to concentrate on her workbook, the companion journal to GUIDED, My Guided Journey.   


Show aired 4/30/19 

Linda Deir interview - On the Couch with Dr. Michelle Cohen - LA Talk Radio interview with Linda Deir

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Our guest on April 30th was Linda Deir. Since she encouraged this co-host of Life Mastery Radio to begin journal writing, this post will be in the form of a journal. Thanks for indulging me. 

Sunday, April 28:
I began to read the book “Guided: Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches” by Linda Deir, our guest on Life Mastery Radio this week. 

From the introduction, I was hooked. The author and I have so much in common related to our childhood experiences, I found it difficult to put the book down. Her memories reach as far back as 20 months old, when she began to know her Spirit Guides.  

Linda’s Guides told her, “For you, life will get better as you get older if you make it through childhood.”  

Life was rough for Linda Deir at the time because she was being abused by her mother, and knew her mother didn’t love her. Linda’s Angel Guides’ advice was similar to what I’d always told myself during my abusive childhood: “If I make it out of this alive, I will be stronger than I can ever imagine.”  

Reading the rest of her story is something I look forward to. 

Monday, April 29:
I continued to read Linda Deir’s book as often as I could catch a few minutes. I read it while my students took a quiz in class and each time I stopped at a red light while driving. Linda’s story and her ability to overcome such a harsh home life are familiar to me. Her Guides were so obviously there for her. Was I missing something?  

I often feel as though my struggles are constant, and the guidance I seek is without reach. Why can’t I seem to get clear answers? Why do I often seem to be gliding along, trying this and trying that, but not really seeing a reason for it?  

I would have read all night to finish Linda Deir’s book, but I can’t seem to stay awake.  

Tuesday, April 30:
I read more of Linda Dier’s book at breakfast, and even while exercising. I tuned in to the show excited to talk with her in person. I was taken aback by the connection we made through similar life experiences, and by her advice and guidance.  

Linda generalized her life as “Childhood Bootcamp” – merely a training to get her in shape for the rest of her life; and learning the skills she’d need to be a survivor. She talked about her Guides using the following descriptive phrases:  

  • “They are always there.”
  • “They don’t dwell on the past. They guide you through the present. They are always with you.”
  • “If a connection is broken with your Guides, it’s because we have broken the connection.”
  • “Guidance is an intelligence.”
  • “People who have good memories have a connection to their Guides.”
  • “Journaling helps you begin to see how your Guides infiltrate your writing.”

Because journal writing has become a strong tool for Linda Deir to keep in constant connection with her Guides, she has published a journal companion to her book as a system of regaining connection with our own Guides. 

Linda’s Guides told her: “Journal 15 minutes a day without distractions for one month. Write down what’s going on in your life; make note of your dreams; what people said to you that day; thoughts you had in the shower and/or while driving.”

The promise from Linda’s Guides: “If you journal for one month chronologically, you’ll know what Linda knows, and you’ll be able to SEE IT – the guidance. When you tie your words together, you’ll see the richness of what your Guides are telling you.” 

  • Write it down
  • Note how it felt
  • State what you learned
  • Commit to taking action

“All intuition has a shelf life. The action may be something you can only imagine taking. Unless you write it down, you won’t capture it.”  

Linda Deir was raised by Spirit Guides. She was living a covert childhood. She let family believe they were raising her, but it was her Guides who were helping her to learn. Angels were taking care of her.  

“We are assigned amnesia when we get here. We unlearn what we knew only to have to learn it again. We have to labor, rediscover, and learn. We all signed up for this. Guides will help you see that life makes sense. They will influence you.” ~ Linda Deir  

I’m going to and purchase her companion journals!  All of my books are available in Audiobook, Kindle, and Paperback formats …   

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