Speak to your Guides - Live INTERACTION with Linda Deir, Ray Holley, and the Guides

Live an Inspired Life by Suzanne Hanna show 2014/11/20

Show aired 11/20/14

4.0 out of 5 stars An Important Book and Story, December 19, 2014
Linda Deir interview - Live an Inspired Life by Suzanne Hanna show 2014/11/20This review is from Guided: Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches (Kindle Edition)
I almost gave this book a five because I think it will help to open the eyes and ears of the world and awaken people to the reality that angels and spirit guides are real. Compared to Pulitzer prize-winning memoirs I give it a four. It’s astonishingly well written for a first-time book that Linda didn’t expect to write, and it was written quickly. Like the rest of her life, it was guided. Angels even picked the title and I have to admit it’s perfect. It’s an important book for anyone who has suffered or has hopes and dreams because it teaches us how to open up to a universe of love and help that is waiting for our call. From an early age, Linda knew what the great achievers of all time knew: that we only have to ask and allow for divine guidance and it will come to us. I also recommend visiting Linda’s website to listen to some of the many radio interviews she’s done since the book release. The one with Suzanne Hanna is especially good.

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