News Talk 980 CJME – Jeff Richards 2015/8/23 | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer


News Talk 980 CJME – Jeff Richards 2015/8/23

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Linda Deir interview, News Talk 980 CJME - Jeff Richards 2015/8/23

Jeff Richards interviewed Linda Deir about her paranormal encounters starting from the time she was a baby.

Talked about how being raised by Spirit Guides made her life very different from others. Below are two of Jeff’s favorite messages in Linda’s book, Guided:

TIP: Being a parent doesn’t mean you own your kids. They come in the way they are. It’s really that simple. You can give them direction, but it’s their life to do what they want. If they turn out to be someone you’re proud of, you can’t take credit for it. If they turn out to be someone who disappoints you, you can’t take the blame either. They don’t come from you, they come through you.

TIP: Life is like a movie. There’s the plot, the set-ups along the way, the reflections and looking back, the good and bad decisions, lots of “oh-my-gods” and several “oh-shits.” You are one of the actors in the script and don’t know what other peoples’ roles are in your life. Many times they just show up. Your Spirit Guides are the writers, producers, and directors. This is another reason it’s vital to build a relationship with your Spirit Guides they see it all.

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