Provocative Enlightenment -Eldon Taylor show 2015/1/28

Speak to your Guides - Live INTERACTION with Linda Deir, Ray Holley, and the Guides

Provocative Enlightenment – Eldon Taylor.

Show aired 1/28/15

Linda Deir interview - Provocative Enlightenment -Eldon Taylor show 2015/1/28Linda Deir is the Sedona-based author of Guided… her true-life story about being raised by Spirit Guides. Her life journey including the businesses and fortune she earned were all done without adequate education—

but her secret weapon was always the guidance of her Guides.

Guided is the training manual to trigger the reader to live a fearless, authentic life in spite of obstacles – all possible with the life coach training from your own spirit guide angels. Yes, you do have spirit guide angels – everyone does. You become like those you associate with. Therefore, as you learn to detect their messages you will become more like them – clear and able to accept things for what they really are, so you can become who you really are. Guided is the only book ever written about Spirit Guides or Angels with a real photograph of the author’s Spirit Guide Angel that you will see on the front cover of the book (taken by the author in 1994).

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GUIDED, by Linda Deir