Spiritual Meanings, a segment of Linda’s Weekly Guided Insights | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“A segment of Linda’s Weekly Guided Insights” 

The “Spiritual Meanings” of what’s happening in the uncertain world you are now living in, the guidance in it for you, and your part in it.

66 years ago, Linda’s spirit guides presented her with a view of a world in distress; one where people lived in fear, unable to hang on, and her part in it. That world is now upon us. 

Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights




Your doubt about the future …

… has caused you to seek enlightenment about something you haven’t learned or possibly don’t remember. Deep inside you know you were chosen to be here in this life right now and feel inspired to take action to raise your own consciousness and that of others … the ones who can be reached.

Confusion about what’s really happening in the world is what moves you to seek the “spiritual meanings” of events. From this connected perspective, you can begin to see through the confusion. This is what you have been missing. It’s an intelligence and a language that brings clarity, not fear. It’s a place where you have power.

Until now, you didn’t know how to interpret it, so you ignored it.

Consequently, you got caught up in what was happening in just this world, allowing it to scare and control you. The price was a disconnection from your true self and your guidance.

Only when the fear is released can your Spirit Guides and Angels reach you. The “Spiritual Meanings” in Linda’s Weekly Guided Insights move you past the fear and confusion, as you restore a connection you lost long ago.

Nobody here in this world, even paid professionals, have your answers because they are just as uncertain about how to respond to what’s happening in the world as you are.

Turning to others for advice will only give you opinions; turning to your Spirit Guides will give you solutions.

For starters, everything that’s happening is always happening for you, and not to you. In order to fully perceive this, you must come from an unbiased perspective where you stop taking things personally. At that moment you are instantly connected and see that thinking everything is happening to you is the wrong interpretation of any situation.

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