Summary of My Guided Journey | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

My Guided Journey was a work-in-progress from 6/17 – 6-18 … before its publication in 8-18.

Summary of “My Guided Journey”

Ray takes the Journey

Summary of My Guided Journey from the perspective of the interviewer, Ray Holley.

Hi, I’m Ray Holley and today I’m going to tell what I’ve learned from interviewing Linda on My Guided Journey – the companion Journal to her book, GUIDED.

When Linda first started doing these Thursday sessions, together with the help of her Spirit Guides, she wrote all the scripts without any input from me. And, that was good since you can’t speak intelligently about something you don’t understand or haven’t experienced it. The reason only she could do this is that she remembered it and I didn’t.

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But as we went through the Pages 1 – 18, week by week, it drew me into remembering certain parts of my childhood. When she did this, I found myself doing a few things…

1. Wondering (about what I could remember)
2. Wondering about what I couldn’t remember
3. Getting mad about some of the things I did remember.

In the early pages of taking this journey, what it drew out was me remembering certain painful parts of my life that I had forgotten…

or maybe wanted to forget… and how I handled them at the time.

I was raised in a very strict Catholic environment. I was taught that you came into this world not as a “new person” capable of anything, but as a “sinner” (a bad person) who now had to “redeem” themselves.I thought… “You mean I’m not a good person?” When did this happen? What did I do and why do I have to pray for forgiveness? What did I do wrong?

I had a rebellious reaction.

I was mad at all of them who tried to force their beliefs onto me; because what they taught me to believe was totally wrong.

I didn’t come in as…

  • A bad person, a damaged person
  • A guilty person who had to beg for forgiveness for something I was told I did or that’s “just the way it is”

I realized that the beliefs you have, come from what our parents, schools, and society taught us, and it was done to control us and let us think we can’t make our own decisions.

When you take this new awareness that shows up by going back and being an observer of your childhood and earlier life, you can then write it down in the “journey” part of your Journal and it becomes something that is useful. By observing, you can stop reacting emotionally and begin to feel the Truth of a situation…making the distinction that emotions are beliefs and not the truth, just an immediate reaction to a threat against your will.

What I realized is that I wasn’t an angry, defensive, rebellious, defiant, or bad child. I was just an ill-equipped child who was taught the wrong things by the people and institutions I was supposed to blindly trust. That what I would be writing into my Journal now was from a perspective of “what it was” and not “what I was told it was.” Only then, can you start to see what was really going on and stop taking it personally. And this is when the healing begins. It has a life of its own.

That’s what is meant when people say, “you must face your fears” or “look your fears right in the eye.” You must face your fears without emotion and tell yourself you will no longer allow these observations to turn into beliefs that you allow to run or even ruin your life. That’s what My Guided Journey is all about!

While this is Linda’s life, I too am just beginning this inner journey of remembering and then making the shifts to accessing my “hidden knowledge” that, until now, has been lying dormant most of my life.

Although I felt those dreaded twinges of FEAR on Page 1, I couldn’t start writing easily about what really happened in my life until I got to page 14 where I became intrigued and my search began. It was when I started looking within, instead of outside myself, for answers. In other words, it was the first time that I was aware something was missing.

After writing out what happened in my life on Page 14, I was on a roll, making pages 15 – 18 easy for me to finish. Now, when I went back to the pages I hadn’t yet started writing in, Pages 1 – 13, I went back to the first time fear caught me off-guard.

Looking back, I realized I was an “easy target.” That one incident that happened at 3 years old and my reaction to it, has influenced me ever since. Until I wrote in this journal what it was and what it felt like, did I identify this as the energy block that haunted me throughout my life.

Growing up with a strict Catholic upbringing, my way of “asking” at that time was praying. When I prayed like I was told to do, whatever I prayed for never showed up. What I realized is that I didn’t believe in that process. After realizing this at that time in my life, everything related to this “religion” was a ceremony of just “going through the motions.”

I’ve only talked about Page 1 FEAR, but once I could identify that first fear by writing it out, could I see how it has been affecting my life. I could easily see how it influenced other decisions. Who could I ask, who could I trust? When I found myself talking to myself more, who was I really talking to? That was my natural way of asking. It felt right. ~ Ray Holley