The Best People We Know - Deb Scott show 2014/12/09

Speak to your Guides - Live INTERACTION with Linda Deir, Ray Holley, and the Guides

The Best People We Know – Deb Scott show 2014/12/09

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Show aired 12/09/14

GUIDED – Her “Spirit Guide Angels” Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches

Linda Deir interview - The Best People We Know - Deb Scott show 2014/12/09GUIDED is Linda Deir’s true story that follows her life from survival as an abused child through her escape as a teenager and into her phenomenal success as a businesswoman in a man’s world by age 19 and beyond.

Using her life as a template, GUIDED is a roadmap for stepping on board at any point along your life path to join forces with your own spirit guides to create a better life than you could have on your own.

Sprinkled throughout the book are 137 universally applicable Tips, Learnings, Lessons, and awareness that Linda shares directly from her life-long relationship with her spirit guides.

In addition to writing, Linda is a speaker, life coach, an intuitive counselor, dream interpreter and teaches individuals how to connect with their own spirit guides.

A dynamic presenter in person, Linda brings through spontaneous insights from this higher source that reawaken the soul’s urge to express itself.

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GUIDED, by Linda Deir