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Best People 2015

Linda Deir’s true story of how her Angels and Spirit Guides helped her survive and thrive through an abused childhood into the phenomenal personal and professional success she shares around the world today.

GUIDED is a roadmap for stepping on board at any point along your life path to join forces with your own Spirit Guides to create a better life than you could have on your own.

Sprinkled throughout the book are 137 universally applicable Tips, Learnings, Lessons, and awareness that Linda shares directly from her life-long relationship with her spirit guides.

Linda is a speaker, life coach, an intuitive counselor, dream interpreter and teaches individuals how to connect with their own Spirit Guides. Visit

Co-Host for today’s show is Patrick Walters BS, MBA, Ph.D., President and CEO of SP International Inc; an advertising, promotion & marketing company.

Patrick’s clients include; Duke University, N.Y.U., The American Red Cross, Warner Brothers, IBM. He is retired Unites States Marine Officer (Major) with 22 years of service, & recipient of ABC News Armed Forces Salute & VA award.

After this show, Patrick Walters and I had a private conversation. He was very moved by my true story, GUIDED.

He told me about the first encounter he had with his Spirit Guide who he called Buddy. It happened at the moment of his birth into this lifetime. He was in a breech position with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. He said he remembered panicking inside the womb. Then his Spirit Guide told him to relax so they could assist. He followed their guidance by relaxing his body. They turned him into a head-first position as the umbilical cord release its stranglehold around his neck. He was born without struggle or injury. This first, life-saving encounter established a life-long connection to his Spirit Guide, Buddy.

Patrick died three months after this interview. He had no disease or ailments so it was a shock to everyone. I was grateful for having this short and common experience with him. We had a special connection due to the early connection we had to our Spirit Guides who saved both of our young lives leading to a life-long connection to them.

Patrick and I have a connection before and beyond this lifetime. 

~ Linda Deir

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