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Waking the Sleeping Tigers

Healings with Linda

In a world filled with despair and hopelessness, there exists a group of individuals who have been underestimated and forgotten – the sleeping tigers.

These are the ones who were once deemed hopeless, the ones we gave up on.

But when they awaken to the injustices and decline of humanity, they become a force to be reckoned with. In this blog post, we will explore the power of the sleeping tigers and how they can bring about a revolutionary change.


The Awakening of the Sleeping Tigers – The Holdouts: Unconscious and Self-serving

The sleeping tigers are the holdouts, the individuals who have remained unconscious and self-serving for far too long. They are the ones we thought would never understand or take action. But we couldn’t be more wrong. When these sleeping tigers awaken to the obvious decline of humanity, they push back with a force that even you may fear. We must not underestimate them.

The Power of the Sleeping Tigers – Moving Mountains When Awakened

The sleeping tigers have the ability to move mountains. When they are awakened, their impact is felt on a massive scale. Their sheer numbers and unwavering determination make them a powerful force for change. They will radically shift the odds in favor of what is right when it is most needed. But their mission is not a spiritual one – it is a mission to stop tyranny in its tracks.

A Revolutionary Year of “Might Makes Right” – Chaos and Instability Caused by the Awakened Tigers

For the sleeping tigers, this will be a revolutionary year of “might makes right.” As they awaken, chaos and instability will ensue. Those who continue working towards the greater good and those who believe someone else will fix all the problems will be shocked by the chaos caused by the awakened. These two groups may even consider aligning with the established ways for stability, which will work against the progress made by the sleeping tigers.

The Importance of Organization – A Non-reactive Approach

To avoid chaos and maximize their effectiveness, the people must organize. This non-reactive approach may take time to establish, but it will be solid, and capable of withstanding the hardships that lie ahead. Initially, it may have low appeal due to the emotions of outrage among the recently awakened. However, as time goes on, more people will grow tired of the conflict and seek a resolution.

Taking Responsibility for Change – Knowing Yourself and Controlling Your Actions

If you want to be part of the solution, start by taking responsibility for knowing yourself. When you understand yourself, you won’t resort to chaos to make your point. Instead, you will have the capacity to hear both sides without bias. Rather than waiting for someone else to organize and address injustices, start organizing yourself, your thinking, your feelings, and possible solutions to the suffering caused by conflict.

The Power of Journaling – Discovering Guidance in Your Writings

One effective way to understand yourself and make sense of the world is through journaling. By journaling, you can have a two-way conversation with valuable guidance that helps you navigate through confusion and disturbance. Journaling allows you to think through things with clarity and find your own path. If you’re ready to embark on this journey, consider getting a journal specifically designed for self-discovery.

Start your Self-Examination

The sleeping tigers are awakening, and they are ready to bring about a radical change in the world. We must not underestimate their power and determination. By taking responsibility for ourselves and organizing for the greater good, we can support the revolution brought forth by the sleeping tigers. Let us be the change we wish to see in the world and become an example to inspire others to follow suit.

Author’s Note

To delve deeper into living a guided life, I recommend reading or listening to, “Guided, Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches©.” This book, inspired by my own journey, provides valuable insights and guidance on navigating through two worlds simultaneously – this one and the one you came from. It will help you express your knowledge and wisdom authentically and daringly, giving the world what it truly yearns for.

Remember, you are never alone on this journey. You have help and are always being guided. ~ Linda Deir

Healings with Linda

Healings with Linda


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