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My Guided Journey was a work-in-progress from 6/17 – 6-18 … before its publication in 8-18.

You are not alone – taking your journey in “My Guided Journey”

Linda and Ray talked about how stopping the distractions and creating time alone are what has reconnected you to your Spirit Guides.

You have learned to value your time alone. It has become a priority in your life. It’s a critical first step in your journey forward.

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In this video, the Spirit Guides talk about the possibilities available to you now that you know who you are.

Now that you have completed your journey back, in part two of My Guided Journey, you are prepared to take on part three, My Journal Writing. You have acquired the skills from watching the video associated with each page in part two, along with documenting your early life of feelings and decisions. Having restored your life while developing this skill is what will carry you forward in part three, My Journal Writing. This greater awareness of yourself and skill will also keep you in the present moment and connected to “us.”

In your “journal writing,” when you remain clear and honest with yourself, you will always receive the truth. The by-product of doing this journal writing consistently is that you will notice our interaction with you. It has always been going on, only now you are engaged. This is the connection that lets you know, for sure, that you are not alone and always being guided.

Free from the struggle, you are now “present,” and connected. If you ever slip back into doubt, this journal will be the lifeline that gets you on track, once again. 

To align yourself with the right mindset and approach to start writing on page eighteen in part two, watch this video on, you are not alone. 

You Are Not Alone

If starting on this page this is too challenging, start on a page that isn’t as challenging until you get the hang of this journey writing. After you finish the pages that motivated you to start writing go back to the previous page and so forth until you are finished. This is how Ray did it when he took his journey in My Guided Journey. ~ Linda Deir and Ray Holley