Compromise – taking the journey, with Linda and Ray | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

My Guided Journey was a work-in-progress from 6/17 – 6-18 … before its publication in 8-18.

Compromise – taking your journey in “My Guided Journey”

Linda and Ray talked about the time in your young life between ages seven and ten when a quiet desperation took over.

For the first time in your life, you felt something was missing inside you like you weren’t good enough, This is when your struggle began. Your life became hard and competitive. You took everything personally. “We” watched you get lost.

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In this video, we talk about compromise.

Included in this compromise was the reality of no longer having a connection to “us,” your Spirit Guides and Angels. This made living in just this world a very lonely place.

A quiet reserve took over as you assessed the dilemma of just being in this world. Since you let go of everything you knew and felt from living in the world you came from, you were now feeling adrift. From your quiet solitude, you attempted to figure this all out on your own, something your ego couldn’t even help you with. In fact, your ego was clueless about the world you came from and totally invested in this world. Its job was to protect you with force. The world you came from never used force on you, it allowed you explore everything from your free-will. This was powerful because you were self-motivated from an inner urge fueling your curiosity. Everything you learned was self-realized. This higher way of learning was easy and fun. When you were still connected to where you came from you never felt lost or alone.

The loneliness you were concealing was rooted in missing the connection to your real self and to us.

To align yourself with the right mindset and approach to start writing on page twelve in part two, watch this video on compromise. 


If starting on this page this is too challenging, start on a page that isn’t as challenging until you get the hang of this journey writing. After you finish the pages that motivated you to start writing go back to the previous page and so forth until you are finished. This is how Ray did it when he took his journey in My Guided Journey. ~ Linda Deir and Ray Holley