Introduction - Guided Journal Writing System

Guided Journey

This Guided Journal Writing System will help you get it right in this lifetime! Discovering who you are, what you’ve been missing, and why you are here.

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The by-product of all this is having an effortless connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels.

I’ve written 3 interconnected books to get you there… my proprietary Guided Journal Writing System.

  1. The first book is my true-life story, GUIDED.
  2. The second book is My Guided Journey.
  3. The third book is My Journal Writing.

In GUIDED, you will see how I did it, showing you what’s possible when making the connection to your own Spirit Guides and Angels. What GUIDED teaches triggers those early memories, aligning you with the companion journal to GUIDED, My Guided Journey.

My Guided Journey is a breakthrough in the way you will look at your life, transitioning you back to your real self, so your Spirit Guides and Angels can reach you all the time.

My Journal Writing keeps you on your path going forward while staying connected.

So, why would you want to learn this? What is it about life that you let scare you so much, making you feel disconnected and vulnerable? Do you feel you don’t “fit in” or that “you’re not good enough?” Do you feel alone …longing for something that’s elusive and just out of reach?

This “Guided Journal Writing System” takes you on a journey of spirituality and unexpected psychology … derived from a higher way of learning from those who know you best…your Spirit Guides and Angels.

How I learn to make this connection to my Spirit Guides and Angels …

• My early years, growing up was harrowing. I was abused by the family I was born into throughout my childhood.
• My Spirit Guides and Angels came to the rescue.
• I was always guided and protected.
• Having this connection to my Spirit Guides and Angels resulted in a better life than I could have done on my own.
• Journal writing helped me see what was really going on, helping me understand people while making sense of a senseless childhood.
• Not taking things personally was the big takeaway throughout my childhood and my life.
• I kept my guidance to myself by writing in my journal about what was really going on within me and around me, never telling anyone what I knew or how I knew it. This allowed me to stay focused so I wouldn’t miss where I was being guided to go by my Spirit Guides and Angels.
• Most importantly, I mastered taking action on their guidance without hesitation.

The urgency that you feel is your soul reminding you that you came here to get something important done.

Join me each week live on Facebook and YouTube at 6:00 pm PT (use search term: Linda Deir) to learn about What GUIDED Teaches. I will talk about the critical areas where you’ve been hung up throughout your life: picking the wrong relationships, doubting yourself, working at jobs you hate, always struggling, difficulty making decisions, being overly cautious, and an overall feeling that something important is missing.

Linda Deir

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir