Life Mastery Radio, Todd Alan and Jackie Bailey interview with Linda Deir-9-17-19 | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

The last time Linda was on our show, she shared her story. Linda had a very challenging upbringing, and yet her Spirit Guides helped her to not only survive the challenging events of youth; they taught her how to be successful in business and relationships. Her book is Guided, Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches

I shared my personal story of Linda’s impact on me during the show today. A large part of her teaching is to get in touch with the Spirit Guides and Angels who are there to inspire us on our journey. She told us in April 2019 (when she was on the show before) to journal. Journal Writing, I learned, is a way to “hear” messages from our Spirit Guides. ~ Jackie Bailey

Show aired 9-17-19

I began my journal writing the day after our interview with Linda – May 1, 2019. On June 8th I had an epiphany. My vision was very clear. I knew exactly what I needed to do. In my journal writing, it revealed that it was time for me to “open a studio for public speaking” for my students. I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen, but I had a purpose, and I began taking steps to bring it to fruition.

Yesterday (September 16th, 2019 as of this writing), I welcomed the first students into my Speak Feed Lead Public Speaking Studio. I sincerely don’t know if this would have happened without the “nudge” from Linda in April encouraging me to begin journal writing. That’s part of her system, and I know it works. ~ Jackie Bailey

“The moral of the story is this, Guidance, when it comes through, is powerful. It gives you chills, it’s so strong. But here’s the caveat: you’ve got to be willing to take action and do the work. Guidance has a shelf-life, and you must act on it while it’s still valid.

Jackie, you did the journal writing. You did the work to flush it out, to find it, to let it show itself to you. It’s more of who you are then anything else you could have imagined.” ~ Linda Deir

Linda’s process to connect with your Angel Guides is easy – get your journal out and start writing about your challenges, the events that weigh heavy on your mind, and with practice, you’ll receive guidance through your writing. ~ Jackie Bailey

“When you start your journal writing you will see where your Spirit Guides are infiltrating your writing. They are there for you when YOU are ready.” ~ Linda Deir

Video Excerpts from the show . . .

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Guided Journal Writing System
My Journal Writing, by Jackie Bailey
When guidance first came through

What is your greatest challenge right now? Write it down. Your Spirit Guides have your back. They guide you by inspiring you. You will see it in the pages of your journal writing, as I did. ~ Jackie Bailey