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Live a Guided Life by Linda Deir
video series

Live a Guided Life, by Linda Deir

Join me on ZOOM each Tuesday where you can speak to your Spirit Guide Angels and discover how this works in your life, so you can “Live a Guided Life” too!

For me, living a guided life “is” my life. From birth, I have always been aware that I am “Guided” by my Spirit Guide Angels. “They” guided me to live a passionate, fear-free life no matter what obstacles were placed on my path. Get my true life story, GUIDED, on Amazon below.

With each weekly lesson, you will be able to detect when you are being guided. Your Spirit Guide Angels will help you turn obstacles into opportunities just as they have guided me to do.

Are you ready to get to know them…?  ~Linda Deir

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Apply Linda's Weekly Guided Insights to My Guided Journey

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