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Would you recognize an angel if you saw one? Do you even believe in Spirit Guides or Angels, or are you one of those people who have to “see it to believe it?”

Well, this photograph of my Spirit Guide Angels are Light Beings from beyond this world. This photograph is what they look like when they project themselves into our dimension.

Having seen them since I was a baby, this is one of those rare occasions when I was granted permission to capture them on film. On this day, I had my camera in hand and there she appeared in full glory allowing me to take the photograph that would become the front cover of my book, Guided, 20 years later. This is the only book ever written about Spirit Guides or Angels with a real photograph of the author’s Spirit Guide.

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Start your Self-Examination

In 1994, this Spirit Guide Angel allowed me to take her photo when I had my 35mm Nikon SLR camera in hand. What was the chance of that?

She is emerging right out of the TV. She is clearly a female form, very tall and beautiful as her presence and energy consumed the room. You can see right through her beautiful, translucent white, blue, yellow, and orange colors that define her form. The moment after she materialized, and I took her photograph she dissipated into thin air. I say “she,” because the feminine energy was so strong in the room it was palatable.

My Guides explained how they did this …

In 1994 TV’s had picture tubes that required high amounts of voltage. My Guides told me they harnessed the voltage in the chassis of the TV to project themselves into to our world, so they could be seen.

As powerful and present as my Spirit Guide is in the photograph, she is not frightening energy. In her power, I could feel strength, compassion, and love radiating from her remarkable presence.

This same year of 1994 my Spirit Guides came to me in a dream and told me that I would write a book about relationships – my relationship with them throughout my life.

The revelation … the details were only revealed to me while I was actually writing Guided. They were waiting for me to be ready and start writing.

Here I was in the midst of a second failing marriage. I thought to myself, “what do I know about relationships…I’m not very good at them?”  Little did I realize when writing my first book, GUIDED, that it would be about my relationship with these benevolent beings, the only real friends I had in this lifetime. 

I have no formal training or education in any of the endeavors I’ve pursued and succeeded in doing throughout my life in all my professional careers as a serial entrepreneur. In fact, my life is proof that with the help of your Spirit Guides and Angels you can achieve just about anything.

My Spirit Guides are loving, protective Light Beings that I’ve reached out to from the time I was a baby. They have guided me through a childhood of abuse and repeatedly told me, “Life will get better for you as you get older if you can make it through childhood.” This turned out to be chillingly true as this true-life story unfolds in my book, Guided.

Little children are particularly drawn to these Spirit Guides in this photo. Even if they are too young to speak fluidly, for some reason they point at it and recognize it. One example of this happened in 1999. A family came over to my home for a visit, accompanied by their 5-year-old daughter. The parents came in and saw the photograph of this Spirit Guide Angel that I had in a picture frame on my mantle, walked over, and looked at it. They picked it up and started to pass it around as they commented on how “interesting” it was. Their little girl was last in line to see it up close. When she saw it, she hugged it tightly. When the adults tried to take it back from her, she held it even tighter and started crying, refusing to let it go.

Books and Hollywood movies have caused overwhelming confusion and fear of the reality of this type of occurrence. You never know when your own Spirit Guides will make their presence known, so don’t let fear-based images ruin it for you. In reality, these Spirit Guides are brilliant life coaches, protectors who will prove to be the best friends you will ever have.

I have communicated with my Spirit Guides since I was a baby as they have appeared to me hundreds of times throughout my life.

They rarely look or present themselves the same way. I believe this is because their energy is always in motion, as is their consciousness, as well as ours – everything is in motion. I feel so fortunate that this one time they allowed me to capture their magnificence with my camera. As my Spirit Guides explained it to me, this was meant to be a gift and message to the world, so they could believe. This is what Spirit Guides really look like when they allow themselves to be seen. In this particular case, this is how they explained it to me.

“They said they harnessed the voltage in the chassis of the TV (in 1994 TVs had picture tubes that required high amounts of voltage) to project themselves into our world so they could be seen, and I could capture their photograph that day.

They always use the word “us” to describe themselves because they are a collective and not a single entity like we perceive ourselves to be. ~ Linda Deir

Enjoy … and remember, you are never alone and always being GUIDED. 

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