Rebellion – taking the journey, with Linda and Ray | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

My Guided Journey was a work-in-progress from 6/17 – 6-18 … before its publication in 8-18.

Rebellion – taking your journey in “My Guided Journey”

Linda and Ray talked about the time in your young life when your ego came to your rescue.

We will be talking about the time in your young life, between ages seven and nine that you were pushed around by everyone to do things the way you were told. Your ego came to your rescue which brought out the rebellion. We watched you become aggressive in your attempt to protect yourself since you pushed us away.

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In this video, we talk about the aftermath of losing your connection to your real self and your Spirit Guides and Angels. The first thing that showed up once you decided this world was all you had.

Having let go of your connection to where you came from, because you felt forced to do it, made you angry. You felt angry because no one even realized what you just gave up to fit into this world. You reacted by becoming rebellious about what everyone told you to do and how to think. This rebellious time gave you a pause, a moment to pull back so everyone would stop pushing you around. Meanwhile, your ego came to life, protecting you from the constant stream of demands. It was your ego that stepped in since you pushed us away.

Although this was extremely convenient at the time, the consequences of depending on your ego to look out for you would become an issue later on.

To align yourself with the right mindset and approach to start writing on page ten in part two, watch this video on rebellion. 


If starting on this page this is too challenging, start on a page that isn’t as challenging until you get the hang of this journey writing. After you finish the pages that motivated you to start writing go back to the previous page and so forth until you are finished. This is how Ray did it when he took his journey in My Guided Journey. ~ Linda Deir and Ray Holley