The Search Begins – taking the journey, with Linda and Ray | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

My Guided Journey was a work-in-progress from 6/17 – 6-18 … before its publication in 8-18.

The Search Begins – taking your journey in “My Guided Journey”

Linda and Ray talked about the time in your teens when the search began in your life.

When the fear returned it brought urgent attention to the loneliness that had gone on for far too long. This awareness has caused you to pause, becoming quiet and observant. You can no longer go about doing things the way you used to. The void has become haunting … imagining the worst while holding onto some distant hope.

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In this video, the Spirit Guides will talk about the first time you started searching – searching for the truth.

Your longing is so strong for this void to be filled your impulse was to start searching everywhere, “out there” to find it. Your anxiety separated you from the love … and from “us.”

It was this pain in your soul that motivated you to look deeper. This was the first time you totally indulged in the great quest for the truth. You started to get answers that made sense. You knew there was more. Life was feeling more interesting now because it included you.

You were starting to see and feel the deeper meaning of your life.

To align yourself with the right mindset and approach to start writing on page fourteen in part two, watch this video on the search begins. 

The Search Begins

If starting on this page this is too challenging, start on a page that isn’t as challenging until you get the hang of this journey writing. After you finish the pages that motivated you to start writing go back to the previous page and so forth until you are finished. This is how Ray did it when he took his journey in My Guided Journey. ~ Linda Deir and Ray Holley