We Always Showed You New Things – taking the journey, with Linda and Ray | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

My Guided Journey was a work-in-progress from 6/17 – 6-18 … before its publication in 8-18.

We Always Showed You New Things – taking your journey in “My Guided Journey”

Linda and Ray talked about the time in your young life when you were faced with conflict.

This inner conflict you felt was caused as more and more people asked you who you were talking to? You are between the age of five and seven.

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In this video, we talk about how you went about holding onto this vital connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels.

Until now you ignored the questions people kept asking you as much as you could because your other world was too important to give up. You are now becoming more irritated by this constant interruption. They are making you feel like you are doing something wrong because now you have to hide these very real experiences. Experiences you can’t explain or describe. Worse of all all these people are unanimous in their judgment of you.

In spite of all this pressure, you would wander off to indulge in what these people call your fantasy world.

To align yourself with the right mindset and approach to start writing on page seven in part two, watch this video on we always showed you new things. 

“We” Always Showed You New Things

If starting on this page this is too challenging, start on a page that isn’t as challenging until you get the hang of this journey writing. After you finish the pages that motivated you to start writing go back to the previous page and so forth until you are finished. This is how Ray did it when he took his journey in My Guided Journey. ~ Linda Deir and Ray Holley