“We” Always Showed You New Things

Guided Journey

The Spirit Guides and I take you back to the time in your young life when we, your Spirit Guides and Angels did everything together. There was no separation between you and us. But people kept asking you questions about us. They asked you to explain it, like we were separate from you, or outside of you. We felt your disappointment. So let’s get started…

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You felt irritated but continued to explore what we were showing you.

What started out as pure joy and wonder had now turned into determination. With your limited experience, this was how you decided to handle the pressure of always being asked what you were doing and who you were talking to. It was your attempt to do whatever it would take to continue living in 2 worlds. This put a strong emphasis on the feeling of separateness. Until now you had only felt this a few times. You did not have the capacity to rationally think any of this through, you were just defending your passion for everything you were learning and doing, something that everyone here in this world seemed to have a problem with. They were interrupting your concentration with their demands on you.

All this outside pressure caused you to wander farther off, both geographically and mentally. You were expanding your worldly and otherworldly experiences. This is when you found peace. It’s at this time in your life that you remember what peace felt like. That’s because you were completely present, and your spirit was fully activated. You were connected and in the zone.

Unlike those around you, you did not spend any time overthinking things, that’s because you were too busy experimenting with them. Learning as you did was easy and fun. Although the people around you were questioning you more than ever you defiantly continued to follow your bliss.

This was the first time you stepped out of the flow and into the fight – your fight to continue living in two worlds. The natural flow that made learning on a higher level possible in the first place was now in jeopardy. What came so naturally to you was something you had to work at now, but you did it anyway.

Because of your need to hide what you were experiencing you began to feel stressed.

This was caused by the constant pressure being imposed on you by those around you. They weren’t interested in how you were learning the way you did, they were just focused on getting you to do what they wanted without resistance.

Compared to the way you were learning in our time together, this felt irritating. We never taught you anything, we just presented you with events that ignited your curiosity and set you on your journey of self-realization. As we showed you new things you reached for more and through your inspiration, you taught yourself what you were learning.

Contrary to this higher way of learning, “in this world” you were being forced to learn. There was no tolerance for self-realization. In this world, you had to learn the way everyone else did. In comparison, this was a humiliating way to be treated.

Acclimating to this world, while attempting to secretly hold onto the otherworldly life that was so dear to you was becoming complicated. There was little or no appreciation for it here in this world. You weren’t entirely sure about how to handle all of this, so you tried harder so you wouldn’t get in trouble. The flow that turned into a fight in your attempt to hold onto your higher learning time with us was wearing you down. This wasn’t even something you could explain, but you weren’t willing to give it up either. ~Linda Deir

My Guided Journey, the companion journal to Guided.

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