We Have Been Waiting for You To Be Ready – taking the journey, with Linda and Ray

Linda and Ray talked about the time when everything started coming together for you.

After all the searching and questioning to find your answers you were beginning to get it. After looking everywhere “out there” you realized that no one could give this to you. This inner shift has opened you to your guidance … a whole new world, the one you came from. You are learning to listen and be focused in the present moment – where your Guides reside.

In this video, the Spirit Guides talk about what it was like for them as they waited for you to be ready.

Although your Spirit Guides have always been with you – you weren’t always open to them. They never interfered or gave up on you. Their loyalty to you has always been unwavering even when you got lost along the way. Imagine how frustrating that would be if you were them? They do not judge you, they hear your every thought, and are available whenever you need their guidance. This was the natural response when you were young and you used to live in 2 worlds with ease.

Could you ask for a better friend?

When you stop chasing things you started to feel this connection return, but you weren’t sure what it was. Before long, doubt and fear interfered due to the ridged mental programming you have been exposed to since the day you got here. Part of you sees through this, yet this world seems to pull you back down into fear drawing you into its distractions and desires keeping you disconnected. It’s time to awaken from this nightmare.

Are you ready to live in two worlds, simultaneously  … transporting you into the 4th density reality?

Chapter seventeen, part two of My Guided Journey. To align yourself with the right mindset watch the video above, “We Have Been Waiting for You To Be Ready – taking the journey, with Linda and Ray.”

And this one, “We Have Been Waiting for You To Be Ready.”

TIP: If this chapter is too challenging, start on a chapter that isn’t as challenging until you get the hang of this Guided Journal Writing System. After you finish the chapters that motivated you to start writing – go back to the previous chapters until you are finished with all eighteen chapters in part two of My Guided Journey. ~ Linda Deir

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir