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Guided Journey

Begin Your Guided Journey with Our Help

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Guided Journey Webinar

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This 1-hour webinar includes the worksheet from part 3 of My Guided Journey©, so you can follow along.

Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right nowBonus Webinar: ($29. value) When you register for this webinar you will receive the replay of the first Guided Journey Webinar free of charge, entitled; Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right now.

I’m Linda Deir, creator of the Guided Journey, a counseling service that my Guides and I developed to get you on your path – free to everyone. In this webinar the Light Beings, Spirit Guides and Angels will be collectively telling you the truth about the world you are now living in, and how to pivot, so you can align with the many course corrections you will need to make to get on your path. The Guided Journey is the road map to get you in sync with these rapid changes currently underway, so you don’t miss your part in creating the world you envision. You will discover what that is as you decide what resonates with you on your Guided Journey, along with how to live it in the outer world.

In these webinars, this will be the first time that I will be hearing what the Guides have to say about this, just like you. So, be ready for the truth from Linda's source connected Guides from beyond this world. They can see what we can't and provide direction that will bring clarity to your journey in the world as it is right now. Humanity is at a critical crossroads that you will use as your springboard to advance you both, spiritually and psychologically ... not found anywhere else.

They say, a journey begins with the first step, but how do you take the next ones? Stay on the path – join me for this Guided Journey Webinar.

“Getting prepared from the inside out for the new reality.” ~ Linda Deir

This “Guided Journey Webinar” is followed up with my free self-directed counseling service entitled; the “Guided Journey,” that offers parents, coaches, counselors, teachers, professors, psychologists, friends, and families self-help strategies found nowhere else, so you can put what you will be learning into action. You will discover that life is not meant to be hard. What makes it hard is peoples’ resistance to it.


1 review for Begin Your Guided Journey with Our Help

  1. Viola Conradi

    Thank you for this powerful webinar. I relate to what the Guides said, to be prepared from the inside out, and to release all expectations that are built on hope. Personally that is where I am challenged – I am in the hospital and I felt disappointed by the fact that nothing happens as planned. I had to overcome the urge to control everything.

    The Guides mentioned that kindness is going to be a way of life. I love that!

    For the next webinar here’s my question: “How will we know when we have found our true destiny? I prefer to see it as a path but, I would like to hear what the Guides tell us about it.”

    Lots of Love from The Netherlands

    • Linda Deir

      The Guides will answer your question in the next Guided Journey Webinar. I will notify you know when you can sign up.

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