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Guided Journey

Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right now

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Guided Journey Webinar

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This 1-hour webinar includes the worksheet from part 3 of My Guided Journey©, so you can follow along.

NOTICE: When you purchase any other webinar you will be able to recieve this webinar as a bonus, for free!

In this webinar, Linda will channel information from the Light Beings, Spirit Guides and Angels … here’s a glimpse of what they will be revealing ...

"We are the Light Beings Linda has known all her life, also referred to as her Spirit Guide Angels. We speak for our Infinite Legions … your world is in the midst of a historical transition, a breakdown that will last for years to come. You will not know what to believe, hindering your ability to make good decisions ...

  • The lies are now rampant because time is growing shorter for the instigators of those lies to convince you that they are your only source of the truth.
  • We will tell you about the needed course corrections you must make before it's too late ... you still have time, but you must act now!
  • Additionally, we will be getting you ready from the inside out, so to speak. You must get on your path, so we can reach you, otherwise you will not be able to withstand the relentless bombardment of propaganda coming at you from all sides.
  • In 2021 you were being tested. How much did you allow the outer world to force you to do things that you did not fully agree with, but you did it anyway? The remnants of this test reside in what you learned about yourself in 2021, as you apply that in the years to come.

You will be learning to balance your inner world, where we reside, with the outer world, as it crumbles all around you. ~ Light Beings, Spirit Guides and Angels"

“I am learning so much about how to think about what is going on in this crazy world by taking the Guided Journey that you offer for free to everyone. It's been a huge upgrade in my life. I am telling all my friends and family about it so they can do the inner work necessary to take on the craziness of the outer world.”  – Monty, Melbourne, AU


“I have missed your webinars and so glad you're doing them again. They helped me get my head around the changes that were overwhelming for me to make sense of them on my own.” – Mac, Miami, FL


“Now that I have totally given up on any resemblance of the old normal returning, I am ready to face the truth about the world we are in. I'm very concerned about how to go about it, but know that I must ... or, me and my loved ones will suffer more than we have been.”–Leslie, Austin, TX

1 review for Live what you are learning on your Journey, in the world as it is right now

  1. Rebecca Andrews

    Linda’s Guided Journey and her support webinars are extremely helpful. She offers detailed guidance on how to navigate the incredible times we are in. The information is priceless and has helped me plan my future and connect with my guides so I can continue to stay guided and on the right course.

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