Stop LettingStop Letting This Life Scare You This Life Scare You

“What are you afraid of? You must stop letting this life scare you and derail you.

A baby, when it comes into this world, isn’t scared at all. it approaches life with curiosity and wonder. Everything it experiences is new – it’s their beginning. Then, as the baby starts to become mobile the boundaries of their curiosity expand. With the increased mobility, around two years old, comes imposed limitations. 

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These limitations come from adults who believe they know better how someone else should live their life.

Along with these limitations, they pass on their fears. You are told, “Don’t do that or you will get a spanking,” … “Don’t you ever cross that street.” This advice the baby is getting from others is their experience and not the babies. The more these threats are allowed to repeatedly control you, the more likely you will end up living their lives limited by their fears. So, rather than the baby heeding the warnings, it makes the baby not less curious, but more curious. “Why can’t I cross that street?” “Why can’t I do that or I’ll get a spanking?” “Please explain it to me because now I really want to do it.”

If it were natural like it’s supposed to be for the baby, the baby should be able to experience the things they are tempted to do in order to discover the consequences on their own – from their own experience. After all, it’s through experience that we become self-realized and equipped for life, not protected from it. This is accomplished by taking the time to show the baby all of this. But the guardian must take the quality time out of their day to think it through and let the baby experience it under your supervision.

Without the support to learn, grow, and discover itself the baby stands a high chance of caving into the pressure of following the rules, or else. With little or no experience to draw from, the baby defaults into living someone else’s life, a life that’s fear-based that follows them throughout the rest of their life.

A truly fulfilled life is experienced through curiosity, wonder, and imagination. It’s the imposed learned fears that stop this process and ultimately leads to a compromised life of regret.

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgment. It’s all about the experience, so let that baby, while its exposure to severe consequences is low and under your thoughtful supervision, build its own character through its own hands-on experiences. This is how you can personally play a meaningful role in eradicating this plight of letting life scare you and passing it on.”


  • People are living fear-based lives.
  • The fear limits their realm of experiences.
  • Without those experiences, a person lives a restricted life just like everyone else.   

How It Works: You came into this life at this particular time to experience exactly what you have and will continue to experience new things once the existing ones are learned. In fact, your life is in perfect sync with living your dreams, providing you with the highest possibility of learning what you came here to do this time around. So don’t let this life scare you, causing you to fight against it. Enjoy the ride and give it all you got. That’s what the baby would do because it knows why it’s here. ~ Linda Deir

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