Is Your Life Loaded Down with Compromise?

Guided Journey

What happened to the real you, or do you even matter anymore?

Do you find yourself living a life loaded down with compromise? Do you feel trapped? Do you believe there’s no way out? This urgency you are feeling is guidance bringing attention to what is standing in the way of you performing on what you came here to do. The feeling of desperation is what will get you to act on this now.

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It’s time to acknowledge all the compromises you have made, write them in Part three of your journal, My Guided Journey, then complete the four qualifying questions. Then, go to Part two, chapter 12, and write down when and where you made your first compromise, along with the four qualifying questions.

Compromise excludes you.

You will discover that you didn’t always compromise. As you write, you will see that many times the people in your life insisted that you compromised. How did that make you feel? What did you realize? What action did you take?

These are those qualifying questions that will lead you to the truth. You will know you have the truth when you reflect on what you wrote, in hindsight.

Now that you have exposed the truth you will no longer be vulnerable to compromise. You caught yourself before you lived an entire life of compromise, only to miss your life. 

Today we will focus on Part two of the “Guided Journal Writing System.” Watch the Video(above) … having a connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels is the by-product of resolving the compromise in your life. ~ Linda Deir

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir