When You Are Not Accepted for Who You Are

“Everyone wants to be accepted, it starts in school.

You want to be part of the group, the kid everyone likes, the kid chosen for the teams on the playground. You certainly don’t want to be the last one left that someone has to take. The worst feeling you can experience is to not be appreciated and accepted for who you are … after all, you worked hard to become who you are, or so you think.

CLICK HERE ... to Watch the video trailer of "Linda's Weekly Guided Insight" for this Tuesday

CLICK HERE to Watch the video trailer of “Linda’s Weekly Guided Insight” for this Tuesday

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Being who you are doesn’t take a lot of work, becoming more than you were before you got here does.

Is who you are really who you are, or is it, someone you made up so you would be accepted? Look at the people you hang out with. Do you fit in because you made compromises to who it is that you really are? Secretly, do you beat yourself up over this? How about the people you work with or your family and friends? Do they judge you for who you are when you are being authentic?

Does who you are change at work, at school, or in relationships. You can have so many versions of who you are that you can’t keep them straight. It can get to the point where even you don’t know who you are.

Not understanding who you has led you to be attracted to the wrong people.

Have you had relationships where you are needy and that’s why you’re in it? When you enter into a relationship based on neediness you want things you hope the other person can give you or do for you. This is a recipe for relationship disaster right off the bat.

When a person really knows who they are they aren’t anxious to rush into a relationship. They are willing to wait and not chase relationships they know would be disastrous. Yet, people keep picking the same types of relationships repeatedly all because they don’t understand who they are.

From our perspective, it’s better for a person to understand who they are and be alone than it is to compromise just to have a relationship. Being alone is a powerful force that only a few have learned to harness.”


  • Who you are is never what you do, it’s who you have become up until that point.
  • Do the people you surround yourself with judge you for who you are?
  • Some people attempt to pound a square peg into a round hole when it comes to relationships.

HOW IT WORKS: Being a chameleon, a people pleaser takes a lot more energy than just being who you really are. That’s not to say that you won’t change and evolve, as that’s how you become more than you were before you came here into this lifetime. That’s why you came here. However, pretending to be someone you are not will only wear you down and confuse you. Worst of all, it builds on itself making it harder to be your real self as time goes by if you can even figure out who that is. In the end, being an imposter only fools you. ~ Linda Deir

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