Is Time on My Side?

Time is not a commodity. It is a precious gift given to you a little at a time.

The problem with time is that you only get to spend it a moment at a time. In each moment you choose to change or be the same, to be productive or lazy, to give or to take, to be loving or selfish.

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People imagine long-term plans and goals, but neglect doing something in the moment to realize them. Even stopping for a moment to visualize or to review how realistic the future goal would be is a step toward achieving it. You must learn to control your time moment-to-moment and not let time or deadlines control you.

Before, everything was based on time like how fast you ran, how long before the next round of bills were due, and how much more time do you have to accomplish your goal. 

Now, mankind is entering a new level of consciousness, he/she will look at time not as restrictive but as empowering. You will find yourself saying, “You mean I have all this time now to do what I really love?”… or, “Time no longer scares me because I’m no longer ruled by lack. Instead, I have more moments so I can evolve in this life and make a difference.” 

This new awakening of consciousness will help humanity make this leap in consciousness.

But until man stops allowing time to control him and push him around will he actually understand this.  Going out and fighting against something you believe is harming you is not using your time – it’s your time using you because you fear something. Stop and accept what is happening as part of the perfect plan. Now, once you accept it, you can decide to do something for yourself in order to change your situation. You can’t change the external forces pressing on you, but you can position yourself so you can avoid them.

The trick is being able to string the moments together into a life that you can be proud of. That is also the secret of personal development – improving with each moment, gaining clarity of what life is about in that moment. Living to love and learn in the next moment. 

That is why you cannot ever let the past dominate your present moment or fear of the future cause you to freeze up in the present moment, as both will cause you to waste the moment. People freeze up in the moment and can’t make a decision because they feel powerless when they see all the injustices in the world affecting them. 

Damage from the past and fear of the future can only be overcome by people accepting and controlling their moments. That’s when change happens in an instant and brings opportunity to the subsequent moments.

Learn to take care of the moments and life will take care of itself.”


  • In order to develop and improve your life, you must take control of your time moment-by-moment.
  • People see themselves as running out of time – a future fear – and need help seeing the present picture and its opportunities.
  • Take a look at something you want to change or improve and do something right now, immediately, toward that goal. Now, all you have to do is repeat it and you will move toward your desired outcome.

How It Works: Thinking you don’t have enough time is the consequence of not taking action, or you expected to accomplish more by now, which means you’re living in the future. You can’t go all in like you might if time was just a commodity or money and hope to “win” back what you lost. Time is the only asset you have that you cannot hoard or use all at once; like money, food or physical possessions. Time is delved out in the same exact portions to everyone. Time cannot be bought or sold. Your time can only be used by you.

If you agree to exchange it for getting paid, then that’s called a job. Reclaim your gift of time or the time you have left after exchanging some of it for payment. Use the rest of your time to do what you love and the world will love you in return for doing it. That’s when time IS on your side. ~ Linda Deir

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