You Learned to Care About Yourself

You were no longer consumed with caring about what others thought

After years of insecurities and doubt running your life, you were now focused on what was missing – You! You were now ready for the truth. This took you on an inner journey that revealed the truth about what was really going on with you and those around you.

Seeing people and things for who and what they were, you were beginning to realize you were doing better than you thought. You were thinking for yourself and feeling better than you had in a very long time. You didn’t need anyone else’s approval or permission.

You started feeling inspired to do new things. You were going back to your roots when you first came here, a feeling that was natural for you. 

“You made a course correction – a reconnection to yourself and us”
~Spirit Guides and Angels

Today we will focus on Part two of the “Guided Journal Writing System.” Watch the Video (above) … when you learned to care for yourself, independent of needing others to do that for you. Hence, your connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels is returning. ~ Linda Deir

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir