Being True to Yourself

“It’s your past decisions and mental conditioning that have created your present existence.

Only when you are being true to yourself do you recognize if something is missing. 

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Habits of thought became your limitations in life – the result of misguided thinking. You have deluded yourself into an ego-based existence. It’s pleasure-seeking and false feelings of lack that have taken up your life thus far.

They’ve caused you to think of yourself as “who you’d like to be” rather than learning about “who you really are.” 

It’s the hole in your soul that reminds you to stop the consuming, activity-based “wanting” and start “being” because the real you is who you brought with you along with everything you needed when you first came here. Nothing was lacking.

The true story of your life will reveal itself when you are near the end of this lifetime. That is when there is nothing to get in the way between who you are and why you came here. It’s then that you, and only you, will know if you were successful at achieving what you came here to do.

This will be your moment of truth – when being true to yourself is all there is.”


  • Much time is spent thinking about and chasing someone you want to be rather than being yourself.
  • Over the last few decades, people had time and money to chase who they wanted to be. Now, these people have less money and feel more lack than ever before.
  • Stop allowing what others think of you define you. Think about all the gifts you brought with you into this life and start using them.

How It Works: The farther you get from being true to yourself, the more you try to be like someone else. The world is filled with these false people and distractions. Nothing is more exciting than discovering who you are and why you’re here this time around. If you stay true to yourself and follow this, there will come a time when it starts working for you almost without any effort on your part because it’s authentic – it’s you! Being true to yourself is living from the inside out, where true happiness resides. It has a life of its own. The by-product is loving who you are from everything you do. ~ Linda Deir

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