Insecurities Mask Who You Are | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“People enjoy dressing up for Halloween once a year, so they can become someone else, or something else.

This mask they put on temporarily conceals their shyness and inhibitions. They do things they wouldn’t normally do had people known who they were. It’s the rest of the year that your insecurities mask who you are.

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Most people, in their attempt to get out of their own way, believe that to become a fulfilled, passionate, loving, and giving being means a lot of hardship to change how they act. That’s not the problem at all.

You must change what you believe.

You see, it’s the ego that controls what you believe. Your insecurities are what drives you into believing you need more of many things in order to become this ideal person you had in mind. Your ego tells you that you need more money, a better job, a better spouse, new cars, a bigger house, new phones, and the list is endless or you won’t be happy. It’s the ego that causes you to live a life of comparison, always comparing yourself to others.

For example, when you meet a new person and find out a little about them you automatically judge them and yourself. You believe that you are better than them, that you make more money than them, that you have a better house than they do. That’s because you are living in separateness.

Or, you judge them another way by seeing them as more successful than you, richer than you, living the lifestyle you want to live, which reinforces your feelings of insecurity and lack.

What you fail to consider is that everyone is the same, a child of the universe.

That’s where you all came from when you came into this life. You don’t come in with all this money, or a fancy car, or a big house. You come in pretty much on a level playing field with everyone else. Yes, there are people who reincarnate into well-to-do families, but more come into impoverished families.

Everyone has the same amount of time to do what they came here to do. If you allow any insecurities to creep in where you judge yourself and others that will interfere with who you want to become. You will never realize enlightenment in this lifetime.

What you need to focus on is looking at everyone as an equal, in the sense that they all have an equal opportunity to become who it is they intended when they came here. Not that everyone will make the right choices, but as you go on your journey toward becoming who you really are, don’t let your insecurities hold you back. Always strive to be the best at whatever you dedicate your energy and time toward.


  • Don’t let your shyness hold you back.
  • Don’t allow an overblown ego to hold you back either.
  • If you desire to be a fulfilled, compassionate, loving, giving being then you must change your outlook.

How It Works: Being concerned about what others will think or say about you is what prevents you from being everything you came here to be. An extreme example of someone who overcame his inhibitions is the life of, Ray Charles. He was a heroin addict in the first part of his singing career. Before that, he was so shy his career went nowhere. The heroin removed his inhibitions allowing him to project the full expression of his talent. By the time he overcame his addiction his career was well established. He was one of the fortunate ones who both kicked the habit and overcame his insecurities. The lesson here is to identify the insecurities that are masking who you are. Write them in part three of your journal, and then ask your Spirit Guides to show you how to overcome them. You must write them down first. Then listen for the obvious guidance and write that in your journal. You cannot miss by using this Guided Journal Writing System. ~ Linda Deir

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