Reaching your Boiling Point
  • The takeaway from this episode is … you have reached a boiling point and see the cost of holding onto old decisions that no longer serve you.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … expect consequences for making new decisions. Be okay with being the example for others to follow.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … since almost all the people in your life won’t understand your new choices, track the new decisions you will be making to stay on a solid path going forward.


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Let’s look back at those early decisions, along with what you’ve done recently. 

Looking back, you made a tough choice that would define you for many years to come; to fit in and be part of the group, or to be true to yourself and risk being labeled an “oddball?” That was a tough choice to make when you were young.

Next, you realized that there were consequences to your decision, no matter which way you chose.

There were pluses and minuses to living in two worlds at the same time. Some of you did better than others at this “balancing act.” Others went full bore one way or the other. Now, with all the energy and focus it took to balance these 2 worlds, you have reached a boiling point. It was this boiling point that contributed to emotional decisions you would make fueled by hormonal changes that exposed more about who you were.

You were a person and personality in the making and you could feel it.

Reaching your Boiling Point

You were developing both physically and spiritually.

  • You realized your ego kept pushing you to go one way, going along with the status quo … the direction of the crowd.
  • Or it scared you. You instantly realized how that decision would require you to leave who you really were behind.

Did you see yourself going through life alone and isolated? Was this the only way you could be true to yourself? Willing to wait for people who appreciated and loved who you were – to come your way? Or did you see yourself just fitting in, pressured by peers and society to lead the life that others called “normal?

How did you see the consequences of those decisions building as you got older? What kind of example would you be showing to yourself, your family, and friends if you went one way or the other? Which one do you see yourself becoming? How do you feel your decision would make you a happy person, or not?

These are all the compounding aspects that feel like your life is reaching a boiling point. Like a kettle on the stove ready to boil over and whistle. Whichever way you decided to go there are not only the consequences but a point at which the consequences of your decisions will reach a boiling point and thrust you on the path of your own choosing.


  • You’ve made your decision to be yourself, or join the group … now what?
  • You are getting a taste of the consequences of your decisions.
  • Reaching your boiling point happens when you reach a point of no return on your life’s journey.

HOW IT WORKS: Reaching a boiling point is like reaching the top of a roller coaster ride. It’s your launchpad for moving you far beyond where you are. There was a lot of building up getting you to that critical moment in time. You could see how dramatic it was going to be as it pulled you up. In fact, until you reached the top it felt like it was taking way too long. Then, the roller coaster reached the top, the boiling point. That’s when surrendering to the transition was all you could do. Now, everything was happening on automatic. It may have scared you. However, you are changed forever because you learned a little more about yourself. You are a stronger, better you and ready for what’s coming next. ~ Linda Deir