Trusting What You Know | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“How do you know that what you know can be trusted?

It’s by defining the difference between the knowledge you have and the guidance you get. Guidance is always broadcasting to you – you don’t have to go out and look for it. On the other hand, knowledge is something you gather – and you do have to go out looking for that.

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People go to school and get multiple degrees looking for knowledge. It’s like a hunter. However, the ability to know something comes through experiencing it. It’s learning versus understanding. You can learn a lot about something and still not understand it. For example; you could study music and read books about music theory but until you sit down and play what you studied do you gain the experience that allows you to trust what you know.

Knowledge resides in the mind while knowing is of your being.

You can know something without studying it. People will ask you, “How do you know?” You have said, “I just know, I feel it in my soul, in my gut, with my heart.” This is an important distinction. It’s okay to go out and learn a lot about something, that is, gather the knowledge as long as you apply it. It’s in the application of the knowledge that you gain the experience of it, then you know how it works.

It’s a serious mistake some people make where they go out and just study all about life. They learn theories and read about experiments and get a degree after degree about the same topic. What good is all the knowledge they collected unless they are just going to become a teacher or professor that regurgitates it to the next generation?

We see it as somebody who thinks they know all about their lives as opposed to the person who, through trial and error, actually lives their lives.”


  • There’s a difference between knowledge and knowing.
  • One, you go out and gather, the other you experience.
  • You are here not to learn all you can about life but to live it.

HOW IT WORKS: Trusting what you know with confidence only happens after you have lived it. However, it doesn’t mean you know everything about what you know. As long as you are alive you are still learning and experimenting. You are here to learn and apply what you are learning to your life. The only thing that could get in the way of this process is when you think you know it all or become concerned about what others may think or do. ~ Linda Deir

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