When Your Ego is Being Tested

This is the lifetime, that being connected to where you came from will make all the difference.

If you react, then you are just in this world. If you take action with confidence then you have help – help from the other world, where you came from when you were one with your Spirit Guides. This is your superpower and those who test you are going to sense it.

Testing the health of your ego.

The first indicator that you have it together is that you aren’t reduced to fear.

Instead of doubting yourself, you will notice that you are calm and present. Fear cannot control you as long as you remain present. This gives you the time you need to allow the right solution to come into your mind. You will be capable of doing this because you are not consumed with panicking, you are trusting your universe. There is no struggle with this option.

It’s a place of neutrality combined with a heightened awareness.

If you attempt to control everything you will reduce your options. You will be consumed by your ego as it reacts from an insecure fear based belief. All you will have to combat this situation is an ego who is struggling to survive.

The lesson is, you cannot find a solution when your ego is in charge and busy reacting. The solution can only be found in the void, that’s when the pressure is off because you are present … only then can you be reached!


The fear is your ego, and that’s the test. Stop letting your old fear-based beliefs control your life.


Making the connection to the world you came from is how you become whole, so you can be present and receive the best solution to any situation every time.


I have not only lived this … I live by it. ~ Linda Deir


Today we will focus on Part two of the “Guided Journal Writing System.” Watch the Video (above) … remain calm and present, only then can your Spirit Guides and Angels reach you and help you.