Spiritual Meanings of Building the Wall
  • The takeaway from this episode is … there are two sides to the wall. One side is desperate, and the other side is fearful.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … have you ever felt desperate and fearful at the same time? There is too much of both, no matter what side of the wall you are on.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … it’s time to seek solutions but that will take time. So, in the meantime, break down your own inner walls so you can identify your part in the aftermath.


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There’s much talk about building a wall on the southern border of the United States.

This is a heated debate with the arguments of both, pros and cons, with many facets to consider. Everybody agrees it would be expensive and would take time to build, but the debate is over the effectiveness of building the wall.


What is really being considered is not a wall but a barrier. A wall is less intimidating than a barrier. Barriers keep things out. Going back thousands of centuries people built barriers made of stone to keep their enemies out. A wall, or barrier, has two sides, so it also keeps people in. If you consider the greatest walls ever build, like The Great Wall of China, people still got in and out.


… or a barrier, is limitations. You can build all kinds of limitations around a physical area, or around your heart. Anybody can see that you can go around it, over it, and even under it, either physically or by other mechanical means. Walls are only static barriers. The illusion of separateness.  Spiritually we are all one, all connected to each other. If there were no imaginary walls, like the lines on a map, there wouldn’t be other countries. Everybody would belong to one big earthly family. Anyone could go anywhere without restriction. It would be easier for people to be mobile. They could go where they were needed, to seek employment, to live in better climates, or be with their families.

PEOPLE’S REACTION TO THE EVENT. It’s a problem when these barriers become something that stops people from being loving and compassionate. It’s universal. Just because someone looks different or speaks a different language, does it mean that they are any different spiritually? The same is true between planets, galaxies, and universes. What would happen to the evolutions of humankind, and all souls in the universe if every planet had a big barrier around it?

WHEN YOU MISS THE SPIRITUAL MEANING OF THE EVENT. Fear has much to do with building barriers (walls). That’s a reaction to the problem, not a solution. If you don’t understand another person, another race, or even another species, why wouldn’t you want to get to know them rather than building a barrier to keep them away? A lot has been said about the wrong types of people – people with bad intentions coming into your country. That’s a possibility whether there’s a barrier or not. It’s never a long-term solution to build barriers around your country or around your hearts.

YOUR DECISION NOT TO FOLLOW YOUR GUIDANCE. These fears over barriers are tied to the separation of souls, lacking compassion and understanding. Eventually, any barrier will be defeated.

YOUR DECISION TO FOLLOW YOUR GUIDANCE is in following your heart. Only then can you make this connection and see what’s really at stake. When you are connected soul-to-soul the solution will become clear.

HOW IT WORKS: How could we expect some of the most desperate people in the world living next door to the richest country in the world to react? Put yourself in their shoes. What would you do if you lived in a country that threatened the lives of you and your family? It’s unreasonable to think that building the wall or barriers will ever be stronger than the pain these people are suffering. We can say it’s not our problem but history has proven that won’t stop it. It’s corruption from a lack of values spinning out of control that is the culprit here. So, what a wall or barrier represents is a refusal to face the real problem, while pointing the blame at the side effect of what the corruption has caused. ~ Linda Deir