Proactive or Reactive, One Just Takes Longer Than The Other | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

Reactive people like to daydream and imagine.

They see themselves as being fabulously fit, extremely good-looking, successful in their career, or wealthy beyond imagination. They imagine never having to worry about money and see themselves in a long-term relationship with their soul mate. This includes taking exotic vacations, drive exquisite cars and have perfect children. These people see themselves living the good life … someday.

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Proactive people see the same things, they just don’t daydream about them. They join a gym and take care of their health. They work in a vocation they believe in and look forward to it. They are involved in healthy relationships – exciting ones. They learn about new things every day and drive a car that fits their personality. They have created a good life.

The difference is that one person dreams about it while the other is living the dream every day.

One person is reactive to life and the other is proactive. When it comes to these differences one style is not better than the other. It’s just that the reactive person takes longer than the other. Imagine two people who eventually get into good physical shape. The first one never exercised, ate junk food and drank the wrong things, smoked and neglected their health. One day their doctor tells them, “If you don’t change you will die.” This person has now had a motivating epiphany. They join a gym, stop abusing cigarettes and alcohol, exercise and eat right and then eventually get into shape. People start commenting on how good they look.

The proactive person always went to the gym because it made them feel good and look good. They quit smoking years ago and drink socially. They eat healthily and their friends tell them how good they look. So, the end result was the same. Their friends said how good they look. Both work out, eat right, don’t smoke and feel better about themselves as they grow stronger. It’s all about your attitude toward change.

One was forced to improve to save their life, while the other chose to improve to live a better life.

The common reality is that most people are reactively waiting for their life to get better. To get that great job, to get into shape, to start eating right, to find the right person, to start that business, to be happy, yet they avoid taking action, right now, to get there.

Study your past. If you are doing the same things you did last year and five years ago, chances are you will be doing the same things next year and five years in the future. The result will be that you will be the same person who is older, but not better.

Ask yourself, “Am I waiting for something to happen to change my life, or will I follow my passions and take action to create the life I desire?”


  • The proactive person is outnumbered but held up as role models. While the dreamers were busy dreaming the proactive people passed them by.
  • The people who dream their life away waiting for the change they dream of miss out on who they would have become along the way had they taken the initiative earlier.
  • There’s an end to everyone’s physical life, however, the proactive ones feel deep rewards about the meaningful impact they had on the world. The monetary achievements are just a measurement of their value to the world. The reactive ones got there – tired, mad and full of regrets.   

How It Works: Change is inevitable and you will always be changing with it. The only question is, will you wait to change, or will you design your change. So even though both people will wind up in the same place, one will be fulfilled while the other will be depleted. People are experiencing huge amounts of change now and most of it is being forced upon them. Life is not supposed to be a struggle. You came here to use your time wisely, experiencing everything that intrigued you. The by-product of this radical curiosity propels you into the life of your dreams. The more you are true to yourself the easier this will be.  ~ Linda Deir

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