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  • The takeaway from this episode is … your soul is the captain of your life, so don’t expect your insecurities to influence the direction of the soul.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will see how futile it is to attempt to overpower the wisdom of your soul.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to get on board with your soul’s intention start tracking your steps so you can see the direction your soul is taking you.


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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels


Humanity needs a soul upgrade, so they can hear “us.”

What is an upgrade and why do you need them? Most peoples’ experience with upgrades is with their computer software. When programs have new features that add to the experience or correct faults in the program it’s called an upgrade. Some people upgrade as soon as they are available. These people embrace upgrades.  

Others wait for the bugs to get resolved before they upgrade. This is why people dread upgrades or changes of any kind – they are not convinced the upgrade will be better than what they already have. For this reason, far too many of you are satisfied with the way things are.

The point is … right now, the human race needs an upgrade, specifically a soul upgrade.

This soul upgrade was planned for the entire galaxy and the universe. Many other life forms in the universe have already gone through most of their upgrades. However, something is holding them back from completing their upgrades … and that is, humanity on Earth. They are all waiting for the humans to get on board. Waiting for you to become awakened enough to see that if you don’t stop living your life consumed with distractions and greed that you will continue to interfere with this universal upgrade.

So, what must happen for mankind to finally get it? First of all, the program that humanity is running has to be seen as not working very well anymore. There are so many bugs and issues with the way humanity is living that there are almost too many for us to list.

We see that the main problems are stemming from people’s greed and people thinking that they lack everything and are convinced they must have more of everything they already have. This is the disconnect that negatively affects their ability to be loving and compassionate with others, as well as themselves.

This next upgrade, the soul upgrade, is based on love and trust.

If you don’t trust your fellow human being you will never be able to love them, or feel compassion toward them, or even consider helping them.

Consequently, your world is at a stalemate.

People either don’t want to change because they think things are working just fine the way they are, or they don’t want to admit what a failure of a life they’ve had so far. They don’t see or believe that it could be so much better if they just let go and stopped taking everything personally. Stop feeling that everybody is out to get them.  The paranoia of living their daily life.

If you can’t get along with and love your fellow human beings, imagine how difficult it would be to love entities from other dimensions in the universe who look nothing like you and may even look ominous.

It’s in taking the first step to upgrading your soul to the next dimension that will set in motion the start of fixing all that’s wrong with your world. You may call for change. You may demand this or that, but that is all selfish. You want something as you are now, without becoming the person who can achieve it. You think that whatever you want will solve all your problems – when it’s you who has been the problem. You must stop looking outside yourself to solve your problems.

This next upgrade of the soul will lead you to the most exhilarating and important upgrade in your life so far. It will send a ripple effect throughout the universe’s existence.

CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

HOW IT WORKS: Humans are the slowpokes of the universe. The collective lack of consciousness is hanging up this monumental universal soul upgrade. Most people are caught up in an endless cycle of distractions and consumption. It’s a way of life that was disrupted in 2020 by Covid-19. However, this was much bigger than the Coronavirus. Since there are no accidents, do you think this was planned from a higher source to get you to stop and reassess your life? Do you think it’s possible the universe has become so desperate to move their upgrade along, that they influenced this lockdown shelter in place mandate? Could the humans on planet earth be the laggards in this evolutionary upgrade? ~ Linda Deir




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