Recover Your Black Box

“When there is a plane crash of any kind, especially the larger passenger airlines, the first thing that authorities want to recover is the black box.

The black box contains an indestructible record of the order of events that happened prior to the crash. It is the only true and reliable record that exists because everybody’s account of what happened will differ and vary in their recall.

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Linda Deir's Spirit Guide Angels talk about ... Recover Your Black Box

How we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels

When you are examining a black box, it is a search for the truth as it happened.

This is the same analogy for a person’s life. You get to any age; a teenager, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or any age, and you want to understand why your life is off-track – why your life has crashed.

When you go back and look at everything that led up to where you are now you can’t remember even half of it. Do you have a record of some kind or just memories of how you interpret them now? What if you had a black box that chronicled everything that happened in your life that you could refer to and say,

Aha! that’s what happened and that’s where I went off-track.

Most people do not keep any kind of record like this. This is more than a diary of events that happened on a certain day. This in-depth “guided journal writing system” is a record of what not only happened, but the guidance you received, how you received it, how you felt about it, and then the action you took or not, as a result of the guidance.

Having a record, a black box of your life, from a “guided journal writing system” will give you a reliable record. This is your black box, so when you are on a quest for the truth later, or at any time in your life, you won’t have to resort to making it up. A chain of making things up is how you got off-track in the first place.


  • The black box is the most important part of an airline after a crash.
  • What if you had a black box that recorded your life?
  • Having an in-depth “guided journal writing system” is that black box.   

How It Works: What is this “guided journal writing system” the Spirit Guides are talking about? My Guided Journey is that system and explains the “Guided Journal Writing System” in part one. In part two, you will systematically be “Taking the Journey” re-examining your early life decisions, and part three is the system of “Journal Writing” from the right mindset.

The “journal writing” is a writing process that identifies what’s going on in your life the moment it happens free of bias or fear. It’s not just writing about what happened but how it felt and the action you took or not.

The “guided” part of this “system” is offered in two ways for all three parts of this “guided journal writing system”…

1. Existing support videos for each page of part two of “taking the journey” in My Guided Journey can be found on the Linda Deir website below:

My Guided Journey, is the companion journal to Guided, winner of the 2017 Body, Mind, Spirit Int’l Book Awards. ~ Linda Deir

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