The Spiritual Meanings of the Global Separation

“The current situation of separation has forced people into some uncomfortable changes.

People are alone, they are afraid, and wondering when this situation will be over so things can get back to normal. But most people haven’t given much thought to why it’s happening. When you understand why you will know the spiritual meaning so you can learn from this situation.

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What are you experiencing and what have you learned so far from being alone and separate? …

  • (PRO) Do you feel good about it since you have time to self-examine and take a pause from your hectic life?
  • (CON) Or, do you feel that you are being controlled by these mandates to separate?
  • (CON) Do you feel that you are being forced to do things that you don’t want to do?
  • (PRO) Many are feeling liberated and learning more about themselves and life than ever before.
  • (CON) Others feel frustrated and bored and think about having nothing to do but watch TV, or play video games, or spend all day on the Internet.

Observe other people’s reactions to this separation – are you surprised?

  • (PRO) Do you feel like this is the opportunity for self-reflection, doing something for your personal development that you’ve put off for years?
  • (CON) Or, do you feel that you are deprived by the lack of events or the places you can’t go to?

Until now, the distractions seemed normal to you – before this forced separation occurred.

Are you thinking about how long this will last until things get back to normal? By normal, you must mean having all the distractions back in your life again. Is this normal? Is this what you want to return to? If it is, then you haven’t used this “once in a lifetime event” to learn anything.

Life is about learning; it has always been about learning.

You came here to heal old wounds from past lives and have new experiences in this one. If you are not looking at the current situation of separation as an opportunity to do these things, then you have missed the entire point that this time of separation holds for you. After all, when you ask yourself who am I and why am I here? … is that just a knee-jerk reaction because everybody else is repeating the same thing? … or do you really seek those answers?

Using this gift from the universe to finally take time to find out who you are and why you are here is the chance of a lifetime. So, when we come back to you after this is all over what will we find? Will we find you to be a different and improved person, or will we find you to be entrenched into the same old distractions that ruined your life in the first place?”


  • What are you learning from being separated from your distractions?
  • Are you overwhelmed with fears of being controlled by the forced separation? Or, …
  • Are you using this time, this gift you were given, to its best and highest potential?

HOW IT WORKS: How are you using this “once in a lifetime event” to finally realize what is important to you and why you came here? The distractions that have controlled your life until now is not why. To your defense, until this historic global event happened you had nothing to compare it to, so you really couldn’t answer this question until now.

Weigh the PRO’s and the CON’s above to determine where you are on the scale of learning, or not, from this opportunity. When you ask yourself who am I and why am I here? … are you just repeating what everybody else has asked themselves for eons? … or do you really seek those answers? It’s this time of separation that you finally have the opportunity to know the truth. You will have answers that you never had before.

Pro, trust yourself to take action without resistance. Con, or stay stuck, repeating things you don’t mean and have no meaning. ~ Linda Deir

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