Your Guides Focus on the Solution, not the Problem

“There exists a solution to every problem. If not, the problem wouldn’t exist.

Problems are opposite energy from the Solutions that balance them out. However, when people have a problem in their life the first thing they want is an easy immediate fix, a silver bullet, a magic pill to make the problem and the pain go away. Click Here to watch - Linda's Weekly Guided Insights-This coming Tuesday's live event

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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights






Since there is no such thing as a quick fix, here’s what people do next: 


  1. They start, by asking people what they should do? People have the lowest common denominator for a solution. Their answer is their opinion. The moment you ask anybody for answers about what you should do about your problem, they become an expert in your situation. If they were an expert, they would have noticed your situation a long time ago. If they cared and were good at what they did, they would have helped you discover the solution already. Helping someone requires that you take the time and attention to help them examine their problem, so they can see for themselves what they need to do. Giving unproven opinions about what to do is not only doing them a disservice but far from a solution.
  2. Next, is asking so-called professionals for their opinions. By the fact they are accredited as an expert, you assume their opinions must be of a higher quality than your friends and family, giving them artificial credibility. No solution there either.
  3. Now that you realize no one has the answers, you start to panic and wonder if anyone has the solution to your problem? What you will discover is that nobody in this world has the answer or the solution for you. As your Spirit Guides, we have always had the solutions to the predicaments of life that you get yourself into.

First, you must take responsibility for your situation and stop blaming others.

This is the first step, the most difficult one. You think to yourself, “How is it that I could have caused this situation to occur?” You know that you are smarter than that. It’s not about being smart, it’s about being honest and accepting of your situation before you can take action with our guidance to change it. With our help, you will be able to balance out the energy in your life that is causing you stress, pain, struggle, and imbalance in your energy. All you must do is ask us first


  • All negative situations you find yourself in stem from energy imbalances.
  • The first thing you do is ask others for help – when we were there all along.
  • Once you discover that we can help you rebalance the energy in your life, so you can move forward without stress, will your life come back into balance.

How It Works:  Getting answers or solutions to your problems can’t be found “out there.” Nobody out there knows what to do either. The ones who bypass this time-waster of looking for it “out there” have no other place to go but within. That’s where your Spirit Guides are. In this somewhat lucid, lightning-fast state of inner-knowing and awareness, you will instantly know what to do, but you must write it down the instant it comes through or it will dissipate into thin air and it will be lost forever. The more you follow this suggestion the less power outside influences will have over you. You will be living in two worlds simultaneously. You will be connected. This is where your true power resides. ~ Linda Deir

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