Energy Blockages Are The Root Cause Of Illness | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

When it comes to your energy you draw to you whatever you emote or put out. This is the true explanation of the Law of Attraction.

Your inner energy changes bring about outer changes all around you. Inside, you have stuck emotions. These emotions are energy and need to be cleared out and released. As you begin to clear them out, the outer world begins to clear up for you without any effort on your part. Releasing energy brings you a “like energy” that you are right now. It’s that simple.

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If you allow these unresolved emotions or energy conflicts. to remain stuck inside you, along with their associated emotions, you get energy imbalances. These imbalances of energy within you transform into problems. Physically these energy blockages cause illnesses. Mentally they cause other problems like depression, anxiety, and ultimately regrets. Negative mental energy emotions can further perpetuate even more mental distress.

Negative mental energy emotions can perpetuate further causing even more mental distress.

This stuck energy can also be expressed and reflected back at you in the form of anger or rage, emotionally and physically. All of this stuck energy is destructive to you personally and everyone else.

Here’s how to release your energy blockages:

  • First, you have to admit and acknowledge that you have these stuck emotions and energy imbalances. The quickest way to do it is verbally. Sit in a quiet room and tell yourself, out loud, what you see as the areas where you are stuck, or ill, or angry, and say it out loud several times until YOU hear it.
  • Next, ask your higher self, Spirit Guides and angels to help you. Help you see the lesson that is contained in this energy blockage – what aspect of yourself is being reflected back at you.
  • Also, who’s triggering this? Who upsets you and triggers these energy blockages, bringing them to the surface, and what part do they play in this important lesson?
  • Next, you must release the anger associated with these physical, mental or emotional blockages. Releasing anger is different than forgiving others. You may not be able to forgive someone for what they’ve done to you, but you must release the anger associated with it. This sounds simple in certain ways, but can be very challenging once you undertake the process.
  • To accomplish the release you must be brutally honest with yourself. It is our goal to help you by both giving you hope that the process will work while providing you with the understanding of yourself to do it.


  • Most of the ailments and issues you experience mentally, emotionally and psychologically are caused by stuck energy.
  • You are at a point in history where people are looking outside themselves to release their pain when it’s an inside job.
  • Start with something that has had you blocked for a long time. Identify it verbally and release the anger you have built up around it. Do this repeatedly and see the difference in how you feel about yourself and the world.

How It Works: When starting an energy clearing program for yourself, or helping someone else with theirs, be sure to date and document everything about your progress. This is crucial to a full and complete process. Write down your dreams every morning before your feet touch the floor because this is where many powerful messages will show up to help you resolve those blockages. Remember you asked your higher self, Spirit Guides and angels to help you overcome this. None of this is a magic pill solution, but it will work and you will become better for it. You will avoid the illnesses that anger and depression cause. I can help you with this. ~ Linda Deir

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