When Free Will and Guidance Complement Each Other
  • The takeaway from this episode is … your life is a balancing act between your free will and the guidance you are always being sent.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … becoming conscious of the guidance that’s always coming through coupled with your free will – will make you a superior decision-maker.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … becoming conscious of the guidance will require you to write it down as it presents itself. That’s using your free will.


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You always have our guidance.

You also have the free will to act on that guidance or not. So, why do you need both?

When you first came here as a new person you always heard our guidance. Although you had free will, at that early stage in your life, you never second-guessed your free will or your guidance – your connection to us. All that was required from you to follow the guidance was to simply listen and follow your curiosity, it was a natural flow of energy moving you along. 

You didn’t stop to think, “was that guidance I just received?” Or “was that guidance the best thing for me?” Or “could I think of doing something better or more fun?” You did not question the guidance, it was just the thoughts that came to you (in the moment) that you followed naturally, without resistance. In fact, you didn’t even think of this as receiving guidance because you did not feel separate from it.

Questioning or second-guessing your guidance started when you reached the age of reason.

This is when you discovered you had free will and the power to do what you wanted. Although you still hear the guidance, you now question it and then decide what you’re going to do.

We have never changed. We do not tell you what to do. We send you intuitive messages, dreams, and experiences that are put on your path for you to choose or not. Does our guidance sound interesting to you at that moment, or something you may do later on? Maybe you wouldn’t be interested at all. This is not a problem.

This situation is allowing you to think for yourself. When you think for yourself you open up other possibilities. However, no matter what age you are, the longer you put off acting on the guidance the more it loses its impact. You could follow the guidance and have a positive experience, or you could decide to do something else and have a positive experience. Or by not following the guidance you could have a negative experience.

These two complementary experiences, guidance and free will, are both parts of your decision-making arsenal.

You will learn by trial and error when you don’t follow your guidance. This is how you will know if you are a good decision-maker, or not. If you have repeated problems as you grew up, you must look back at the beginning of your life to identify when you didn’t listen to our guidance because something else seemed more important.

You are here to learn through self-discovery brought about through experiences. It’s a series of experiences that do two things. It sharpens your free will skills and it also lets you get back in touch with our guidance. Neither one on their own would ever give you the limitless potential outcomes. That’s why free will and guidance are designed to work together, especially as you get older.


  • When you came into this life you didn’t think about free will, it was an automatic response.
  • Recall what free will felt like. Your free will expressed itself when you crossed your arms, stomped your feet, and said no.
  • It’s your time to master these two elements of free will and guidance.

HOW IT WORKS: Anytime you ask for guidance you must open yourself up to all the possibilities. This is what made it so easy to receive guidance in the first place when you were a kid. Being open to possibilities was driven by your curiosities. This is how your free will and guidance worked so perfectly together. There was no struggle, as you unwittingly followed your bliss. It’s no wonder you feel the void informing you that something important is missing now – because it is. Never doubt this feeling when it presents itself, as you are beginning to remember who you are. ~ Linda Deir