What Are You Lying to Yourself About and How Is It Hurting You?
  • The takeaway from this episode is … the first thing you must realize is how you have become comfortable with lying to yourself.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … this is a test of the truth and how lying is keeping you from it.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … write down the lies you have convinced yourself to believe and why.


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Why do people insist on lying to themselves?

What purpose does it serve? Does it make them feel better about themselves or their situation? Do people justify lying to themselves by saying things like, they were just kidding? Are they hiding behind sarcasm? They convince themselves that these little white lies or playing games of manipulation don’t mean anything.

People lie or kid themselves in order to feel better about their lives.

They feel disappointed about their past and anxious about their future. So, they make stuff up and feed it back through their thoughts. These thoughts create the emotions that make up their life and consequently become the actions they take that justify and uphold the lies they are telling themselves.

People say things to themselves like, all I need is a new car, or a relationship, or a new job, and then I’ll be happy. First of all, that’s not true. You can be happy with the job or car you have now, and even the relationship you are in if both of you stopped lying to yourselves.

Most people hate liars. They can spot them a mile away. They detest listening to them at a party or in a group. The liar sticks out like a sore thumb because of the energy that person emits. It’s easy to pick them out of a crowd.

So, why do you think when you are lying to yourself that nobody else will notice?

Now, after a lifetime of lying and exaggerating you know what you’re telling yourself is not true. What’s important to understand is that the most important relationship you have is with yourself. So, why are you lying to yourself?

Here’s how lying is hurting you …

It’s pretty much impossible to love a liar. People avoid liars. So, could this be the reason you don’t love yourself? You know you have been dishonest with yourself, your higher self, and even with us. To break this pattern of lying and exaggerating do this … for one straight month, stop lying to yourself or making stuff up that you imagine is real. Write down how this changes how you feel about yourself? In the beginning, you may not think you feel as good as when you were lying to yourself, but you will feel a positive difference in how others start to feel and interact with you.

We know when you are lying to yourself, but we also know you can’t lie to us, just as we have never lied to you. That’s what’s caused you to feel so uncomfortable about your life all these years. By the fact that we are honest with you does that make you like us less or more? You must stop thinking that making stuff up and repeating it to yourself and others will help you. It’s a ripple effect, your vibration goes out in the world and hits everything in its path. Soon the entire universe will know who you really are.


HOW IT WORKS: Lying and making stuff up has become the norm in this world. Lying and exaggerations do not happen in the world you came from. That’s because telepathy is the universal language there. That prevents lying from ever existing. This is one reason it’s important to tune into this language. No one will ever be able to get away with lying to you again, including yourself. This is also the language that makes communicating with your Spirit Guides and Angels a breeze. To overcome this tendency to lie and exaggerate keep track of the times you helplessly fall back into it by writing it in your journal. This is the fastest way to get this under control, so you can begin to think and learn in a higher and more connected way. ~ Linda Deir