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Once you are able to detect the messages your spirit guides are sending you, how do you know when and if you should act on their guidance?  Are my spirit guides ever wrong?

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Linda Deir talks about Are My Spirit Guides Ever WrongActing on their messages has nothing to do with your Spirit Guides being right or wrong. It has everything to do with you trusting yourself enough to take action on their guidance the moment it comes through. That’s why knowing who you are is the first thing they will direct you to learn about when you first make contact with them. The first time you make contact with them it will make you feel out of sorts, but with persistence, you will overcome that very different sense of reality.

Until you know who you really are can you begin to trust yourself? Once you can trust yourself you will no longer be dependent on another to make decisions for you by telling you what to do and how to think. You will already know for yourself what’s right and wrong the instant it shows up. You will no longer second guess yourself because you will know, recognize and be in perfect step because of your connection to your Spirit Guides.

Their guidance always has a shelf life. The longer you hesitate to take action on their guidance the less relevant it will become in your life.

The information you receive from your Spirit Guides will come through lightning-fast and is only relevant to that moment. Overthinking it, getting advice from people who are not connected to their Spirit Guides, procrastinating and second-guessing yourself will pull you out of the present moment and the perfection of the guidance you received will be lost. So when your guidance doesn’t work out for you consider these points.

If you are just learning to know yourself and receiving the source connected guidance that is being sent to you all the time – do this. Start a journal. Write down all the insights you get throughout the day, those so-called coincidences, or what you thought came from you. Also, write down your dreams. Date each one of your insights and dreams. In one month refer back to your journal and read through all of this guidance. You will be surprised to see how it all begins to make sense, how it’s relevant to your life right now and very different from what you could have come up with on your own.

The opposite approach is when you insist on going it alone, without the guidance that’s always there offering you help.

You are extremely vulnerable when you don’t know yourself and therefore, cannot make sense of the help your Spirit Guides are always sending you. Your Spirit Guides know this and that’s why they will start you out by creating events in your life that direct you onto the path of knowing yourself first. It will be your beginning curriculum with them. It’s all about you experiencing new things, so you can take confident actionable steps going forward in your life. They never judge you or ever give up on you. They are there when you are ready. ~ Linda Deir

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