Best Life Coaches are your Spirit Guides. The first time I encountered...

The best life coaches are your Spirit Guides.

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Linda Deir talks about Best Life Coaches are your Spirit GuidesMy amnesia was wiped away the first time I encountered my Spirit Guides.

I was immediately struck by how different they were from the people here. The contrast was that they were steady and calm, not critical and dramatic. The feeling was that they knew everything about me without any effort on my part. At that moment, I realized how much I had to learn about myself, that something was missing. This made me feel extremely vulnerable around the people here. It was like my Spirit Guides looked right through me, but surprisingly this was not threatening like it would have been had it been coming from another person. These benevolent beings were not a threat. It was clear that they were here to help me.

They created events in my life for me to learn from. It was always my choice to act on it or not. They made learning easy. The do-it-or-else disciplinary way of teaching delved out from the family home, school and society looked ridiculous in comparison to what I learned and how I learned it from my Spirit Guides. When you explore what your Spirit Guides are showing you they take everything into consideration. They guide you to what you are ready to learn at that particular time in your life. Once you experience this you recognize how crude the teaching process is here. You see how everything is forced and shallow because it’s designed for the masses and not tailored to you at all. The life coaching you receive from your Spirit Guides reaches right into the soul’s purpose for your life.

They can do this because they know you better than anyone else. This is because they didn’t forget anything when you came into this life. You were assigned the amnesia when you came here, not them.

You all agreed to walk this life together. They were assigned to you before you were born. Their job is to see that you accomplish what you came here to do in this lifetime. However, you always have free will no matter what they present to you. You came here to learn and sometimes your choice may be to turn off the guidance you receive even though it causes struggle in your life. You see this all the time when you observe the painful lives people lead. They are disconnected from their guidance.

When will you be ready to get to know them and learn to detect the guidance that’s always with you?

All you need to do is release the energy that breaks your connection to your Spirit Guides. Breathe. Release your assumptions and judgments about everything and everyone. The more you do this the easier this process of living in 2 worlds will become. Don’t look for outside validation or talk about what you are doing and learning. That will only put you in a position of defending yourself and that is just another way you break the connection to your Spirit Guides. It will take some time to get fluid with this process of mastering living in two worlds simultaneously. ~ Linda Deir

A mix of Spirituality and Unexpected Psychology … Linda Deir Transition Coach … guidance from “those” who know you best!

Looking back, when did you get guidance that you hesitated to act on only to realize that your life could have been much easier and more exciting had you followed their timely guidance? Share your experiences in the comment area below.

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