Keep Your Guidance to Yourself | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

Keep your guidance to yourself. Here’s why this is so important …

Your guidance (intuition) shows you things that you are good at and would also like to do them. However, people resist following their guidance because of what others may do or say, especially if you told them how you got this information. They may label you as weird or mentally unsound.

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The labels people give you describe who you are not, rather than who you really are.

People would rather tell you what you can’t do instead of encouraging you to do what you’d like to do. You may think you are a great singer, but they say things like, “He’s not that good at karaoke,” and stop inviting you.

These labels are judgments and also a reflection of others not wanting you to succeed. Following your intuition and your gifts help you to love yourself while learning to love your gifts and perfect them.

All these intuitive inclinations are guidance from us.

So listen carefully and take action right away. Most importantly, keep your guidance moving; as you continue learning and listening to the guidance we are always sending you. Do not interfere with this “natural flow” by telling anyone.

The natural flow is a moving, alive, spontaneous energy. It’s you experiencing yourself in the moment. However, revealing the guidance you received to others puts you in an awkward position. They will challenge you by saying, that’s not real, or, you are crazy. This makes you feel like defending what you are experiencing, rather than spending your precious time perfecting it.”


  • You should be careful about telling anyone what you want to do and love to do.  
  • Others who do not follow their intuitive guidance will always be critical of the ones who do.
  • Did we say, “Do not tell anyone?”…keep your guidance to yourself!

How It Works: Telling people that you have mastered the ability to harness the messages that your Spirit Guides are always sending you will make those who can’t jealous of you. If you act on the power of “their” guidance while it’s still valid, the people you told who can’t seem to do this for themselves will be even more resentful of you. That’s because you always seem to find yourself in the right place at the right time – every time. They will see you as having it easy while they continue to struggle, which would be true.

So, take their advice and keep your guidance to yourself. It will be your best-kept secret. You will learn more about this from my true life story, Guided.~ Linda Deir

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